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About Our EWA Staff

Guiding fly fishing is a profession and we take this seriously. We work exceptionally hard to ensure our staff is heralded as respectful, knowledgeable and courteous pro’s by our industry colleagues. Our goal is to provide the highest caliber of service mixed with an unparalleled level of expertise to help you enjoy your time on the water with us to the fullest.
Our staff boasts experience in both guiding and fly fishing all over the planet for nearly any species of fish you can conjure up. Collectively we pool these experiences to bring up the level of knowledge amongst our staff to enable us to teach you the craft of fly fishing from nearly any perspective. The application of these experiences on our waters translate into you learning this sport and enabling you to take your new found skills and better use them on your home water. Our experience will ensure you leave us a vastly improved fly angler, this is our passion on every trip.
All of our guides also teach all of our fly fishing classes from casting to in depth immersion schools. We feel this is important to allow us to help novice to expert anglers alike learn as much from us during the day as possible. This isn’t just rowing a boat down the middle of the river. It iss discussing equipment, tactics, flies and skill sets for small creeks, tropical saltwater, tailwater trout and two handed casting for anadromous species. We guide more types of water in Washington than anyone. The knowledge demanded to successfully do so means you are in as capable of hands as possible.
The staff at EWA have proven they are legitimate professionals within the industry. Amongst our guides we have several FFF Certified Casting Instructors, hold a variety of Ambassador/Advisory/Pro Staff positions from highly respected equipment manufacturers such as Winston, Patagonia, Airflo, Echo, TFO, Bauer, Rajeff Sports, Fisknat and are all CPR/First Aid Certified, licensed and insured. We also have 3 professional photographers amongst our staff…much of their work is evident throughout our website.

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Moderate to fast action 5 – 6wt rods with floating lines
Winston/Sage/Echo demo rods provided at no charge
West’s Smelt, West’s Herring, Southworth Special, Herring Popper, Reverse Spiders, Morrish’s Small Fry, Rolled Muddler, Silly Leg Spider and Euphasid patterns, Saltwater deer hair dry flies, Chernobyl ants/hoppers, Miyawaki’s Popper, Bonefish Puffs, Crazy Charlies, Clousers, Bend Backs, Deceivers, Foul Free Herring, Shock and Awe
Hook sizes for cutthroat should be size 8 or smaller to avoid fatally hooking smaller sized fish.

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Mike McCoy – Thanks to a family of outdoor enthusiasts, fishing and a deep love of the outdoors infiltrated my system at a very bioimage_mikebwtender age.  By fourteen I was tying flies professionally in Portland and traipsing a multitude of the Cascade’s streams every chance I had. Decades later the parameters of my angling addiction have only deepened and widened in scope. A teacher by profession, now retired, I have simply moved a joy of working with people into my guiding activities. Laying a line across sparkling waters continues to be my most insatiable vice and helping others to explore this creative and sporting angling choice I find immensly rewarding.  Although the exciting blue water species of warmer climates are a thrilling sideline, it is still the trout, steelhead and smallmouth of our local waters that hold much of my attention. Helping anglers experience all the beautiful state of Oregon has to offer the fly fisher remains high on my list of priorities.

Marty Sheppard – Born on the banks of a steelhead river and taught the secrets of putting fish to the beach by his father helped bioimage_martybwme to land my first steelhead by age 7. Truly having this life long obsession has molded me into a top steelhead guide. The ingredients to success are very simple, first there must be a fair number of steelhead in the river. Next you must intimately know a certain stretch of river very well. Know it in all its personalities and water flows. Know exactly where each taker lives. Then lose the seriousness of it all when you get out there. It’s just fishing and should be approached with the care free, exploratory attitude of a 7 year old. This age group has there priorities in order. Having fun is number one! Guiding since 1998 in Oregon on the Sandy, Grande Ronde, John Day, Deschutes, and Clackamas Rivers keeps me busy throughout the year as a full time guide and outfitter. My falls, winters and springs are all steelhead oriented and summers are focused on smallmouth bass guiding. Bass on the John Day are as much fun as a person could possibly have with a fly rod! It’s like summer vacation!

Dylan Rose – I began my fishing love affair bumming around the San Juan islands in the waters off Washington state. My parents bioimage_dylanbwbegan hauling me north from Seattle every weekend and every summer to race on their sailboat at the age of 2 months. My fishing career started rather unglamorously by probing the depths of the saltwater for anything that would bite a tube worm or chunk of herring. Mom and Dad knew I had a fishing sickness when at nine years old, I landed (sort of) an eighty pound Pacific Skate that rocked the sailboat so much while I was fighting it, my mother ordered me to cut the line (of course I didn’t). Since then I have graduated from dock rat to fly fisherman and have been addicted ever since.  Fueled with an inherent desire to spend time in the outdoors, a best friend came to me one day (a few years after “the skate incident”) and enlightened me to the art of fly fishing. My first day fishing with a fly only added exponentially to my love of fishing and since then my resolve to learn all that I can about the sport has never diminished. These days I can be found fishing northwest waters for summer and winter run steelhead, salmon, trout and sea-run cutthroat in both fresh and saltwater. I will always have a special place in my heart for Puget Sound fly fishing and believe that hooking an adult salmon off of a beach with a fly rod is a kin to any angling experience, anywhere. Along with sailing, skiing, hiking, and fishing, music became an incredible influence on my life and it took me to Boston where I studied for four years. My significant other’s father jokingly asks me if I am a fly fishing musician or a musician that fly fishes. To this I have no answer, but the parallels I can draw between music and fly fishing continually amaze me, and I find an outlet for pure creativity in both realms. My philosophy about fly fishing is simple. Respect the environment, take only what you need, spend time in the outdoors with friends and loved ones, let the sport take you around the world, and never under any circumstances take for granted that one of nature’s prized attributes actually bit your fly.