Classes and Schools

Quick Facts and Pricing

Reservation Request

Full day 8-9 hours class time
$60 – 2 hour group casting class, 5 people max
$50 – 1 hour private casting lesson, 3 people max
$95 – 3 hour group spey casting lesson, 3 people max
$125 – 5 hour mini school, 5 people max
$195 – 1 day intro to fly fishing school, 3 people max
$395 – 2 day immersion school, 3 people max
$225 – 1 day boat rowing/safety school
$50 – Custom fly tying class, 5 people max
All are available with Abbie Schuster as Women’s Only
All prices are per person


Winston/Scott/Hardy/Echo/Greys demo rods are provided
All equipment provided for all EWA classes and schools
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Emerald Water Anglers is committed to providing an unmatched caliber of educational tools for the budding or experienced fly angler with small 2-hour group casting lessons, private spey/two-handed casting with video analysis and 1 or 2 day specialized immersion courses on basic fly fishing to fishery specific schools.  All of our staff are both instructors and guides as we believe to be a great guide, one must also be a fantastic instructor.  Currently we have 5 FFF certified casting instructors on staff.

Group Casting Lesson days are as follows:

Monday’s in West Seattle at E.C. Hughes Park (7700 28th Ave. SW)
Times: 10am and Noon

Wednesday’s in West Seattle at E.C. Hughes Park (7700 28th Ave. SW)
Tmes: 10am and noon.

Sunday’s in West Seattle at E.C. Hughes Park (7700 28th Ave. SW)
Times: 9am and 11am

These classes are VERY popular and this is a business so when lessons are full, we frequently turn away business. Please read our cancellation policy before confirming a date for a school or clinic.

PLEASE email us to confirm times and dates!

Cancellation Policy

2 Hour Group Castling Lesson Availability
June 8th, 2014 — 2 Hour Group Casting Lesson — 3 spaces open @ 11am

Introduction to Fly Fishing and Guide Schools

June 14-15, 2014 — 2 Day Immersion School — 2 spaces open

Puget Sound Saltwater Schools

February 5th, 2014 — Intro to Saltwater — 2 spaces open

Boat Rowing Schools


Our 2 Hour Single Handed Group Casting Clinic

This clinic is designed to provide students the instruction needed to be more confident while on water by increasing proficiency and realizing more frequent success.  These two-hour casting clinics are kept small in size to provide ample one on one time with each student and is a great class for beginning to advanced fly casters.  All instructors are FFF certified casting instructors and are capable of handling all skill levels.  This clinic is designed to give students the casting proficiency to be on the water and catch MORE fish. Additional casting techniques and equipment concerns may be addressed during the lesson and rods/reels are gladly provided for class.

Cost: $60 per person
Maximum: 5 anglers

Hourly Private Casting or Spey Casting Instruction, with Video Analysis

For novices and advanced fly anglers alike. Spend an hour or two with one of our personable and professional guide/instructors to improve on your casting technique, add distance to your cast or put some new tricks in your casting repertoire. This hourly private instruction is intended to give personal hands-on guidance and is a great way to drop old habits and set in motion new skills that will make your time on the water more enjoyable. Advanced reservations necessary, equipment can be provided.

Cost: $50 per person per hour
Maximum: 3 anglers


3 Hour Group Spey/Two Handed Casting Clinic

The three-hour casting clinic is designed for beginners and intermediates to become familiar with three fundamental types of casts; the Snap-T, Double Spey and the Single Spey. This clinic is designed to give students the casting proficiency to be on the water and feel comfortable with a spey rod from either side of a river. Additional casting techniques and concerns may be addressed during the lesson as well. All equipment can be provided for class.

Cost: $95 per person
Maximum: 3 anglers


5 Hour Mini-School/ Advanced Spey Casting School

The mini-school has been structured for the person going on a trip with friends who may be more experienced and don’t want to slow them down. Three and one-half hours learning essential knots for freshwater fly-fishing as well as an intro to fly selection based on entomology. The last hour and one-half is spent becoming familiar with casting a fly rod. This class is meant to prepare you to be on the water and confident in your ability to tie on your fly, cast to and hopefully land a big fish. During this time the instructor will also talk about reading water and understanding where fish will be located and why.

This is also a great class for more experienced anglers heading into a new realm of fly fishing. For freshwater anglers heading to the tropics for the first time, this is great class to take advantage of our staffs vast experience guiding/hosting/fishing all over the world. We can introduce you to new knots that will be essential in a new environment, fly patterns, casting techniques for wind on the flats and general discussion of what to expect, wherever you might be wetting a line!

Cost: $125 per person
Maximum: 5 anglers
Comments: Emerald Water Anglers Intro to Fly-Fishing Manual included


1-Day On Water/Classroom Introduction to Fly Fishing School (9am -5pm)

In this full day school, the instructor starts by giving an in-depth discussion on the basic equipment needed by a fly angler.

A portion of the day will be spent on fly selection based on entomology and aquatic insect behavior, river geography and fish habitat. The instructor will also give an in depth lecture on knots, including their appropriate usage and instruction, ensuring each student masters the basic knots needed regularly on the water.

The day ends with students practicing the overhead and roll casts, as well as, the importance of mending and presentation of the line and fly. The instructor will demonstrate and guide students towards proper form in these casts and will also talk on aspects of fly fishing ethics and etiquette.

Cost: $195 per person ON WATER
Maximum: 3 anglers per instructor
Comments: Digital Emerald Water Anglers Intro to Fly-Fishing Manual included.


2-Day Immersion Fly Fishing School and Advanced 2-Day Schools

This 2-day school will cover the material mentioned in the 1-day school plus a second day of guided fishing with your instructor.

The object of this school is to benefit from day 1 discussions by putting your knowledge to use on the river with your instructor at your side.

You will learn how to cast in tight spots, get more distance out of your cast, line management, how to read water, more about regional fish species and work on improving any bad habits you may have. This school is a fantastic way to quickly feel comfortable on the water by yourself.

Cost: $395 per person
Maximum: 3 anglers per instructor
Comments: Digital Emerald Water Anglers Intro to Fly-Fishing Manual included.


Pontoon/Drift Boat Rowing Class

So you just bought a new boat, yet your experience behind the “sticks” is minimal, or you have a boat and your friends give you a hard time for not keeping them in the zone while fishing. This is the class for you!

Learn how to read water currents, white water and how to properly and safely negotiate most situations. The goal is to make you feel comfortable rowing your boat in the water you are going to use it in most often. Great for beginners or experienced boaters wanting to learn some new tricks to help you become more efficient and safe while on the oars. READ MORE…

Cost: $225 per person
Maximum: 2 persons per instructor


EWA Guide Training School

This is not a school for those looking to get into the sport. This school is designed to train eager, well knowledged individuals who are looking to guide in this part of the country. Having the ability to do everything here and do it exceptionally well, puts you in an elite group of professional guides across the country who are talented and capable of guiding anywhere in the world.

That means an intense week of saltwater, stream and stillwater trout as well as steelhead and salmon with spey and single handed rods, tactics for these and other species as well as locations. We are not looking to teach you basic knots and how to identify the 3 major insects in trout streams, you need to come knowing this already.

Instructors will be a mix of our 3 staff guide trainers. Qualified individuals will possibly be hired as a part of our staff. We are not looking to place guides elsewhere, just here.

Cost: $3100 per guide
Maximum: 3 guides per instructor