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Welcome to our blog of all things we at Emerald Water Anglers touch and care about in the fly fishing world. This has been quite a journey the past 10+ years, scrolling back we have seen some things coming and we continue to make every effort to have the pulse of where this is sport is headed both here in the PWN and globally.

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I want to give up....but I won't because I care and am stubborn!

Over the past couple of years, all the work and effort to educate those in our state including anglers, legislators a... more

Skykomish River Needs Your Help!

This shouldn't take those of you who will find this more than a mere second to decide to sign, so please do so: Oppo... more

Shiny Fishes

https://vimeo.com/38902284 The season wanes. Each spring as I look forward to the sunny days of an Idaho summer, the ... more

Bycatch Slaughter

From a friend who runs a great operation in Australia I happened across this video clip of what goes into the tuna fi... more

Some very good news.....for now

This email from the Wild Steelhead Coalition just hit my inbox a few minutes ago. Definitely a big step in the right... more

Just How Stupid Can We Be....

This will be a short post as it should speak for itself. After a week in California I was lucky enough to return to ... more

Speaking of the Yakima...

As Charlie mentioned below, we're still a couple of weeks away from the prime Spring hatches on the Yakima, but ba... more

Getting Ready For Springtime on the Yakima

With the cold, windy, rainy weather we've been having here in the Seattle area lately I have had a lot of time to sit... more

Sol Duc River to be First Wild Salmonid Management Zone in WA

Now matter how you spin it, this is good news, my hope is that we will learn enough from this to force change on othe... more

Simms Finally to Sell Direct...It's About Time!

Word has been on the street for quite awhile that some large companies within the fly fishing industry were going to ... more

Seattle Times Gets Into Telling Anglers Where to Fish

The Seattle Times is now posting reports from I am not sure who on what was caught where and when both in saltwater (... more

Lose a Dam on One River, Get a New One on Another...

From a long time friend from Colorado, I got an email today where he has expressed is deep concern over the proposal ... more

Portion of Yakima River Closed Due to Illegal Steelhead Targeting

For those who live in the state of Washington, it is of little surprise to see or hear of poaching of water for our b... more

The Jumbo Shrimp at Skippers

Rivers are blown out all across the state, the Yakima has icebergs floating down it but there is one fishery that con... more

New Beaches

I haven’t written in a while because I haven’t been fishing in a while. In fact, I think this has been the longest I ... more

U.S. Tightens Up on Fishing Policy

U.S. tightens fishing policy, setting 2012 catch limits for all managed species By Juliet Eilperin, Published: Janua... more

Hawaiian Bonefish Video, some hogs in there!

Good friend Coach Duff just put out a new short video of some of his fish in Oahu, where some of the largest bonefish... more

Walkin' the Dog

I've been playing with a new fly design for fishing the Baja, and really anywhere where there are large, cantankerous... more

Ghost Run: "How the Whole Shitaroo is Bound Together...."

This mini-documentary from Fitz Cahall and Brian Smith hit home for me in a number of ways. Brian uses the venue of ... more

Connect Film in Seattle special ticket offer from EWA!

Alright, time for the Friday before movie premier special. Emerald Water Anglers is buying 20 people their ticket on... more

Seattle Premier of Connect -- The new movie from Confluence Films!

Emerald Water Anglers is co hosting with Wild Steelhead Coalition the Seattle premier of Connect, the newest movie fr... more

ISA Virus in Wild Salmon Update

For those of you who missed it, a few weeks ago a lab on Prince Edward Island in British Columbia discovered and infe... more

I Love Fish. No, seriously, I do.

I realized the other day that loving fish is probably not normal. Nonetheless, I love fish. I don't mean I love to ea... more

New Stick, No Fish

Just got back from 3.5 days of fishing the Deschutes, which is usually a pretty good bet for a fish or two anytime f... more

How To Not Freak Out Before A Trip

I am anal retentive. There, I said it. Now the healing can begin. I organize, make lists, assemble neat piles, f... more

Go Fishing this Weekend

There are Cutties and Salmon off the beaches, Chrome in the Puget Sounds rivers, Chrome in the East Side/upper Columb... more

Save Bristol Bay, Please

Please RSVP and show your support, this dang mine has got to go. In the words of slick, scammin' jammin, Scotty Palm... more


The brilliant minds over at Lo Fi Fly posted some funny shit today on their blog. If you don't have it on your daily ... more

Eastern WA Steelhead, here we go!

Upper Columbia, several other rivers to open for hatchery steelhead fishing We will be booking for this immediately ... more

Big Trips - Hard Work - Big Rewards

It's late but I wanted to get something off my chest: Big trips can be hard work to organize, but they can take you ... more

I f*%$ing LOVE HATS

Here are a few from my collection, splayed out like Allen Iverson's car collection. Sweet right? more

Something Refreshing

After work tonight I was flipping through the new Idylwilde catalogue and I noticed that there was something missing.... more

An Old Man's Sport....

I have several friends from my college and mid-to-late 20 years who are "extreme" sport enthusiasts: mountaineering,... more

Elwha River, Dam Removal, Hatchery and Wild Fish...headed to Court!

This is going to be an interesting year for the Elwha River and what should be one of the most prominent live experim... more

A creek Rod

I recently got a new rod for the creeks. This is a remodeled Tout Bum Rod from Orvis. Their 7'6" 1# Super Fine Touch ... more


The small creek season is entering it’s last months. As fall approaches and the riparian leaves begin to change color... more

Mt Hood is Burning

Thanks to our friends down in OR at Little Creek Outfitters for these amazing shoots of the fire that is burning on t... more

A Book Review

I am sure that many of you or the three of you that read this blog have seen or maybe even read the David Montgomer... more

Ahh the winds of change...

Some of our devoted readers may be aware that I switched jobs and am no longer managing the fly fishing department at... more

Some interesting data on Sockeye in B.C.

Have been communicating and following a lesser known and relatively new organization here in WA called Steelhead and ... more

More on the Elwha River

I have my own personal feelings on this matter but will let you read through and see where you end up. From the Seat... more

Commercial Striped Bass Fishing Prohibited

As a member of Stripers Forever, this is some good news for the New York area. Governor Cuomo Signs Law to Prohibit ... more

WDFW Worker Dies During Steelhead Survey

OLYMPIA - A fisheries worker for the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) died yesterday (Aug. 18) while... more

Klickitat River Hatchery Increases

From our friends at Wild Steelhead Coalition... Dear Friends and Supporters of Wild Steelhead, Some of you may alr... more

Recipe for Pinks on a Spey Rod

Pinks off a Puget Sound beach using a 2 handed rod is almost as fun as dollar lap dance night at Dreamgirls. If you ... more

EWA Featured Photographer -- Mike McCoy aka Dad!

I have spent my life in this sport having fly fished or been exposed to it since I was in diapers, led the entire tim... more

Welcome to my Laboratory!!!

A couple of months ago I posted about how my tying space was getting out of hand, how it was taking on a life of it... more

Permits, permits everywhere...

As many of you have probably heard, beginning July 1st of this year the State of Washington is requiring what it i... more

The Shadowcast Competition

http://vimeo.com/25882062 Perhaps an Emerald Water Anglers team needs to make an entry in this competition... more

Quick Creek Update

Went to check out some of my favorite creeks up North yesterday. Although the water is still high and very cold for ... more