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Welcome to our blog of all things we at Emerald Water Anglers touch and care about in the fly fishing world. This has been quite a journey the past 10+ years, scrolling back we have seen some things coming and we continue to make every effort to have the pulse of where this is sport is headed both here in the PWN and globally.

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Fishing Tunes

What do you listen to on the way to the water? Here in Washington it is very often a long haul to our favorite steel... more

Oh Winston...

All the stars finally aligned themselves this past week when my own personal 12'6" B2x 6wt was finally matched with a... more

Reports From The Field: Fall Trout Fishing

I'd say if there is any time of year to get in the truck and haul over to the Yakima this is it. Fishing well on top... more

Hmm, Just Part of the Job

All of this in just one cast. They are never fun to deal with but without questions, these are simply a part of doing... more

Boat Trailers Suck!

After years of having boats of various kinds, all with trailers, I am proud to say that there isn't a trailer alive t... more

Sound is HOT Right Now!

Besides the salmon being around and captivating the interest of nearly all fly anglers right now, cutts are out in fo... more

How Difficult is This Issue?

I just don't get it. Seems as though most of us with no money to buy a politician's ear know what is going on but be... more

Got to Love Seattle in the Fall

Fly angling in the Seattle area in the fall is, well, frustrating at times. There are simply too many choices of wher... more

St. Joe River, Idaho

A few years ago I read about the St. Joe River in a major Fly Fishing publication. The article talked about numbers ... more

Giant Sea Run Cutthroat Landed in Puget Sound

I am only going to say this once even though I continue to say it to myself, HOLY COW!! This fish was enormous and fo... more

Oakley bringing it to fly fishing

Oakley bringing it to fly fishing

For the past few months now, myself and a number of our other guides have been putting some time in on our various wa... more

ODFW at it again

A select group of biologists connected with the Umpqua River system in Oregon and with support of at least one commis... more

Emerald Water Anglers - Welcome

Emerald Water Anglers - Welcome

Emerald Water Anglers is a fly fishing outfitter based in Seattle, Washington with a sole vision: you. One of the mos... more