Snoqualmie River, WA

Quick Facts and Pricing

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June – February
Ideal Flows
Full day 8-9 hours fishing time
Half day 4-5 hours fishing time
From Seattle
30 – 40 minutes
$495 Full day float trip, 1-2 anglers
$450 Full day walk and wade, 1-2 anglers
$350 Half day walk and wade trip, 1-2 anglers
$100 additional for 3rd angler
Prices do not include WA sales tax
Native Steelhead
Native Coastal Cutthroat
Rainbow Trout


We are proponents of swinging flies with two handed/spey rods on all our steelhead trips and are more than happy to provide personal instruction on becoming proficient with them.  What we generally recommend is spey rods 6-9wt. depending on season with compact Skagit or Scandi heads and various sinking tips.
Airflo Spey Rod/Line Compatibility Chart
Bunny Leeches, Egg Sucking Leeches, Flatwing General Practitioners, Mega Moal, Skagit Minnows, Morrish’s Trailer Trash, River Rats, Fergus Rock Star, Skunks, Purple Perils, Skykomish Sunrises for steelhead. Flesh flies, egg patterns for Dolly Varden and pink, purple and chartreuse flies for coho.
6 – 2/0 flies depending on season
Clothing and Equipment Checklist
Summer or Winter
EWA Cancellation Policy
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The Snoqualmie River is located just east of metropolitan Seattle about 30 minutes just off Interstate 90.

Much of the year this river fluctuates with the rainfall and snow melts with the best of the NW rivers. But come summer, or late spring in dry years, the Snoqualmie becomes a playground for many of the Seattle’s feverished anglers as this gem of a river holds a variety of trout species that are wild and native to the region as well as steelhead and salmon.

The NW is well known for steelhead, and the “Sno” has its fair share of them.

Below the majestic Snoqualmie Falls and the Salish Lodge and Spa perched on its shoulder, the river becomes easily boatable during the summer and can be a wonderful half or full day float with shots at rainbow, sea run cutthroat, dolly varden and more importantly, steelhead!

With a steelhead hatchery located near the base of the falls, there are good numbers of steelhead returning each year to the river. In addition, the river being very small and intimate compared to most of the renowned PNW steelhead rivers, chances of hooking a steelhead in the fall are quite good.

The season usually starts in earnest around mid to late June and extends into October. During the hot months, wet wading is the norm as the cool water takes some of the sting out of the late afternoon heat. Come join us for a wonderful NW experience among the lush landscape and wildlife of the Cascade Mountains’ west side.