Blane Chocklett Muskie School | June 29-30, 2024 | $1095
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Upcoming fly fishing events here in Seattle with Emerald Water Anglers.  Book launches, destination presentations, movie premiers, art showings, casting and fly tying events abound.  We believe our sport is as vibrant and alive off the water as on so we are constantly bringing the broader culture of fly fishing to you.  Please see below for new events as they are scheduled and we look forward to seeing you soon.

May 2, 2024 | EWA Casting in the Park Evenings | Orvis & S\A | 4-7pm | FREE
Location | Lincoln Park
In lieu of our 10 year tradition of EWA Summer Fest, we have decided to do a free Casting in the Park on Thursday evenings through the summer, each one sponsored by one or more of our brands.  These will be a fantastic way to get some free casting instruction but also try out some of those new rods you have been wanting to cast.  No RSVP, just show up and spend some quality time with each brand not feeling as though you have to spread yourself among all of them in a short period of time.

May 4 - 5, 2024 | Dec Hogan Spey School | $350
Location | Fall City Bridge on Snoqualmie River
Back by popular demand, our bestest of buddies, Dec is back in the spring to do another spey school, Dec style.  Day 1 will be for novice to newer spey casters and Day 2 will be for more advanced spey casters looking to get into the finer details of casting and fishing what you just sent out there.

May 17, 2024 | West Seattle Wine Walk | 5-9pm | $36
Location | West Seattle & EWA Store
The seasonal community event we all enjoy hosting.  This season join our staff and Momento Cellars for an evening of tasting some wonderful vino and shopping our local store.  Tickets usually sell out pretty quickly so get yours soon at this link.  WINE WALK TICKETS

June 13, 2024 | Garmin In-Reach and Small Boat Nav Clinic | 6pm | FREE
Location | EWA Fly Shop
As the season gets going and you begin to look up and out for your adventures this summer, you should absolutely have one of these on you and for those out on the water for adventure this summer we will also be having Garmin present on their smaller watercraft navigation systems.  Don't miss this...

June 29-30, 2024
| Blane Chocklett Muskie School | $995
Location | Lake Tapps | 8am - 6pm
4 Rods Open
Probably one of the if not the most legendary Muskie anglers in our space, Blane will spend the two days going over all things Muskie for you to absorb as much as you possibly can.  Here is what to expect from the weekend.

- Thursday the 27th meet and greet at the store from 6pm to 8pm. 

Day 1 | Arrive at lodging on Lake Tapps, settle in 9am
- What makes a good Muskie rod with Blane and sales reps
- Casting big flies
- Fly presentation and tactics
- Lunch
- On water, chasing Muskie, Blane will hop around to different boats
- Dinner and fly tying with Blane
Day 2 | Breakfast and pack up
- In boats and on water chasing Muskie for the day
- Lunch, switch boats with Blane
- Finish day of fishing by 4pm
- Good bye's, photos and thank you's!

December 7, 2024 | Spey Tim's Way | 9am - 3pm | $250
Location | Snoqualmie River at Fall City Bridge
Fly line designer, instructor and all around wonderful Canadian, Tim Arsenault will be back in town, just in time for winter steelhead to show you how to better your cast, read water and manage different heads for different situations.  Novice anglers are welcome but he will get into advanced tactics pretty quickly in the school so some experience is recommended.

January 25, 2025 | EWA Spey Day | 9am - 3pm | FREE
Location | Snoqualmie River at Fall City Bridge
This will be our 10th Annual EWA Spey Day and as always we are excited to bring our staff, industry professionals and regional sales reps for all the brands and casting instructors out to help you become a better two handed caster.  More details later but get this on your calendar NOW!

9:30am | Presentation - Jeff Liskay @greatlakesdude
10am | Public Casting
10am | On Going Presentation - Amanda Winkelman, Spey Fly Tying
12pm | LUNCH - Eva's Wild Salmon Sliders
12:30pm | Presentation - Tim Arsenault @bridge_116.2
1pm | Public Casting
3pm | Event Closed