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Seattle Fly Fishing Report | September 2, 2022 | Until Next Year Cedar!

Seattle Fly Fishing Report | September 2, 2022 | Until Next Year Cedar!
Montana Cutthroat Trout

That's a wrap!  Cedar concluded its season with a bang.  Anyone who was on it in the evening on the 31st of August very likely felt like it couldn't get any better.  Lovely way to end the season on our local urban stream.

Yakima River - The Yak continues its slow descent to fall flows.  Still a bit high for full walk and wade access but definitely at a level where we can see structure again and fish have been responding in kind.  Big Chernobyl patterns against the bank have had success the full length of the river as of late.  Another week or two and we should see fall flows complete and the river is ours once again!  Caddis in the evenings as well and of course streamers across structure but don't forget on cold mornings like today, an early PMD or BWO hatch might be coming off due to the water temp change over night.

Puget Sound - Let's put it this way, fish...are...around!  Yes, this fishery is big but it is so vibrant, you absolutely should be fishing the Sound right now.  Baitfish patterns of darker color on the back are going to imitate the herring and sandlance present at the moment.  We have been seeing good sized resident Coho/Silver salmon as well as migratory from Lincoln Park south to Brown's Point on all the beaches in between.  Get on it people, this is a fabulous time of year for this fishery and this year has been better than we have seen in years!

Puget Sound Fly Assortment

Snoqualmie Forks and Mountain Streams - We had a cool evening last night and the fish were a bit sluggish this AM.  We usually don't see this until later in the month or early October but it happened.  Pay attention to the weather the rest of the season, a later start on days like today is usually a good idea.  Mid sized stimulators and other attractor patters are still the go to.  Water is otherwise in perfect shape on most.  Ask if you have questions.

Summer Steelhead - We are getting into that time of year where the Sky and upper Sky will have some active fish around and the Kickitat will also have some fish sniffing flies and of course fall on the Cowlitz is lottery as far as what you might get, either a steelhead or a sea run cutthroat.  Tons of great swing water on all of these rivers this time of year.  Smaller flies, longer leaders, maybe skate a fly if you dare, if your nerves can handle it. 

Warm Water - Bass and carp are still prime and should be for a bit longer until water temps really begin to drop.  Easy local lakes for both make this a terrific urban fishery.  Frog patterns, little crab patterns, small leaches will all work for both.

Warm Water Fly Assortment

We are ALWAYS here to help and while we appreciate you choosing us for your purchases, we will always help you regardless.  Have a great Labor Day weekend everyone, play safe but have FUN!

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