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Always Aware of Our Impact

If rigorously managed, offsets can be an important part of the broad solution set to climate change. They certainly don’t mean society can hesitate in its transition to clean energy sources but offsets can be a way for individuals and businesses to acknowledge their pollution and support the efforts to draw down climate pollution that has already been pumped into the atmosphere and in some cases prevent it from being added in the first place.

We are excited to announce that we are as of 2019, and forever will be, a carbon neutral business residing in Built Green/Built Smart building here in West Seattle.

A Carbon Neutral Business

We have partnered with two organizations to procure real, additional and permanent offsets. With Cool Effect, each of their projects are ethically proven and scientifically validated providing the confidence and transparency to help remedy global climate change with ease and over 90% of every dollar goes directly to their project partners. We have also sought nature-based solution in our backyard by buying carbon offsets to benefit the King County Forest Carbon Program. A tangible offset we in the Seattle area can go experience every day.

We're Just Getting Started

Every year forward from here we will assess our carbon footprint as a business and set out to offset it as close to home as we possibly can. This will include our global travel, clients global travel, supply chain, local and regional guiding and embedded carbon in all products sold in our store.