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Gorgeous small mountain stream in the Cascades outside Seattle, WA.
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Fly Fishing the Middle and South Fork Snoqualmie River and Mountain Streams.

Here at EWA, we pride ourselves on searching out new and exciting fisheries in our area to provide diverse and unique fly fishing opportunities for visitors to the Seattle area. We constantly work to uncover virtually undiscovered fisheries in our area and we are happy to offer our newest discovery, Cascade Mountain Creeks. The PNW is known for its steelhead and salmon therefore most anglers in the area focus their efforts on anadromous species. The result is a lack of attention to fly fishing creeks of which Washington has a ton of them.  Nearly every blue line on a map is likely home to some willing trout species just waiting for your dry fly.  For those who enjoy minimalist fly fishing or fishing fiberglass, bamboo or extremely lightweight rods, these fisheries are for you.We recommend employing rods no larger than a 3wt and usually use 00 – 1wt rods to cast size 14-20 attractor and imitative patterns.  Some of these fisheries require above average wading skills as they are sometimes forged by wading or scrambling over log jams.  While this can be difficult, the rewards are well worth the effort.  For the novice angler, fly fishing creeks can be the easiest and most enjoyable point of entry into the sport with will participants on both ends of the rod coming together regularly.

Pricing:  Full Day $545 – Half Day $445 – $100 Additional 3rd Angler – All equipment included – Fishing License, WA Sales Tax and Gratuity not included
Season:  June – October
Species:  Native Westslope and Coastal Cutthroat, Rainbow Trout
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Additional Information:

Flies:  Caddis, Stimulators, Humpy, Adams, Royal Wulff, Royal Coachman, H & L Variant
Ideal Season:  Late June through mid October
Clothing/Equipment Lists:  Summer season
Rods and Lines:  000 – 3wt rods with floating floating line, glass or bamboo rods
Species: Native Westslope and Coastal Cutthroat, Rainbow trout
Duration:  Half day trip 4-5 hours fishing time, full day trip 8-9 hours fishing time
Distance from Seattle:  30 minutes to 1 1/2 hours