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Leader | Tippet

Leader | Tapers from butt to tip joining end of fly line to appropriate sized fly for application - from 3ft to 15ft - standard trout is 9ft

Tippet | Level in diameter or uniform in size from one end to other - comes in spools of 30 - 50 - 100 meters - prolongs life of existing leader - tapers down existing leader when necessary - multiple sizes will allow to build own leader

"X" Rating | Larger number = Smaller size/breaking strength

Monofilament | More elasticity - more memory for better knot seating - softer than Flourocarbon - less abrasion resistant - has flotation quality/less dense than water - DO NOT tie to Flourocarbon in smaller sizes

Flourocarbon | Rigid/little elasticity - less memory/dress knots well - harder than Monofilament - more abrasion resistant - denser than water/sinking quality - DO NOT tie to Monofilament in smaller sizes