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Traditional steelhead fly pattern by Nathan Keen for the Skagit and Sauk Rivers in Washington.

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Spey casting and swinging flies for wild steelhead on the Skagit and Sauk Rivers.

One of western Washington’s many great watersheds, the Skagit in winter and early spring is an annual journey for many dedicated fly-fishers. Local folks as well as those from afar, travel to the Skagit in hopes of fulfilling a dream of the coveted, twenty pounder on a fly. The take alone of a fifteen-pound or better wild steelhead is enough to test the condition of one’s heart. There is no need for a stress test from your local physician if you survive the adrenalin-stoked minutes connected to one of these beautiful chrome specimens. If you don’t… what a great swan song!

Those new to the river will be well served by utilizing a guide, being persistent and maintaining the mind-set of enjoying the complete experience regardless of fish count at the end of the day. Time spent in such pursuit is said to add days to your life and what better way to spend a few each year. The Skagit’s grand setting will provide memorable angling moments and undoubtedly embed on with an itch to return each year. During winter months the Skagit is also home to one of the largest migrations of bald eagles in the lower forty-eight.

If winter steelheading is not in the cards, pink salmon and chum make strong runs in August and late fall respectively. Also inhabiting the Skagit are large Dolly Varden and some sea-run cutthroat in the lower river. Controlled by several dams on the upper river the Skagit generally flows fairly clear down to Rockport and the confluence with the Sauk. We highly recommend the use of spey rods on this and the Sauk.

Pricing:  Full Day $650 – $100 Additional 3rd Angler – Lunch/beverages, flies and all equipment included – Fishing License, WA Sales Tax and Gratuity not included
Season:  November – January 31, TBD Beyond
Species:  Wild Steelhead
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Additional Information:

Flies:  Intruders, General Practitioner, Metal Detector, Mega Moal, Skagit Minnows, Morrish’s Trailer Trash, River Rats, Fergus Rock Star, Skunks, Purple Perils, Skykomish Sunrises
Ideal Flows:  2500 – 9000 cfs
Clothing/Equipment Lists:  Summer season, Winter season
Rods and Lines:  11 1/2 – 14ft, 6-8wt spey rods, Rage, Skagit, Scandi, Scout and OPST heads with various tips from floating T-10, T-14 and T-18
Species: Wild Steelhead
Duration:  Full day trip 8-9 hours fishing time
Distance from Seattle:  2  hours