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Chrome bright winter steelhead from the Olympic Peninsula.

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Wild winter steelhead often as chrome bright as you will find them anywhere.

Of all the Olympic Peninsula steelhead fly fishing guides, we have always been a swing only guide service and have been pursuing our wild steelhead this way the longest.

Stepping onto Washington’s Olympic Peninsula lands you smack dab in the middle of winter steelheading’s hallowed ground. Inch for inch this area provides both opportunity and sustenance to the steelhead fanatic. Winter steelhead fly-fishers seem to be imbued with a strange quirk not generally seen in genes of the normal fly flinger. The ability to survive and even revel in abusive weather conditions, cold water, lethargic fish tendencies, shortened days and bleak conditions that scream, “stay home” are all part of the magic and legend surrounding winter fish on the fly. In reality the quiet solitude, peaceful unhurried pace and dramatic possibilities make this a “must do” experience for serious fly anglers. As in most cases the rewards are commensurate with the challenges overcome.

During the prime months, due to weather and water conditions we guide the following rivers which are all within striking distance of Forks.  On any given day, water flows could alter plans so we are always prepared to fish any of these:

Hoh River
Sol Duc River
Bogachiel River
Queets River
Calawah River

Our Olympic Peninsula steelhead fly fishing guides are all masters of the two handed rod as well as patient and experienced instructors to help novice and experienced spey fishers come way with a great experience and leave an improved caster and angler.

Pricing:  Full Day $650 – Lunch/beverages, flies and all equipment included – Fishing License, WA Sales Tax and Gratuity not included
Season:  January – March
Species:  Wild Winter Steelhead
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Additional Information

Flies: Intruders, General Practitioner, Metal Detector, Mega Moal, Skagit Minnows, Morrish’s Trailer Trash, River Rats, Fergus Rock Star, Skunks, Purple Perils, Skykomish Sunrises
Clothing/Equipment Lists:  Summer season, Winter season
Rods and Lines: 11 1/2 – 13 1/3 foot, 5-8wt spey rods, Rage, Skagit, Scandi, Scout and OPST heads with various tips from floating T-10, T-14 and T-18
Species: Steelhead
Duration: Half day trip 4-5 hours fishing time, full day trip 8-9 hours fishing time
Distance from Seattle: 1 hour to 3 1/2 hours (Olympic Peninsula)