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Fly Fish The Bahamas | Bonefish - Permit - Tarpon

The Bahamas are maybe the most world renowned location for warm water flats fishing.  With hundreds of island the staggering amount of flats available for fly anglers to walk in pursuit of fish is unparalleled.  Big schools of bonefish as well as large indivduals can be targeted both by boat and foot, it really depends on what you prefer most.

Some locations offer some permit as well as blue water opportunities and we have chosen to work with the following lodges and guides to provide what we believe to be the best representation of what the Bahamas has to offer.  Of utmost importance to us in our decision is the professionalism and reliability of our partners.

Abaco Lodge | Abaco Island

Abaco Lodge provides an intense fishing program combined with beautiful, waterfront accommodations. The lodge features 10 deluxe rooms, each with air conditioning, ceiling fans, private bathrooms, and t.v., accommodating both couples and individuals. Upon arrival, you will be greeted by your hosts, Monique and Ricardo Burrows, owners and operators of Rickmon Bonefish Lodge. They will see you to your room, help you get settled, and discuss plans for your trip with you.

Soul Fly Lodge | Berry Island's

The newest of high end, remote lodges in the Caribbean owned and operated by Kyle Schaefer.

Just like most of our other destinations, this one provides stellar fishing opportunities with comfortable accommodations, salubrious cuisine and is a Carbon Neutral operation.