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Our EWA Team

Guiding fly fishing is a profession and our Seattle fly fishing guide staff take this seriously. We work exceptionally hard to ensure our staff are heralded as respectful, knowledgeable and courteous pros by our industry colleagues and anglers alike. Our goal is to provide the highest caliber of service mixed with an unparalleled level of expertise to help you enjoy your time on the water with us to the fullest.

The staff at EWA are proven professionals in the industry. Among our staff we have several FFI Certified Casting Instructors, seven are widely published photographers, five are published authors, professional fly tyers and many hold a variety of Ambassador/Advisory/Pro Staff positions from highly respected equipment manufacturers such as:

Thomas & Thomas • Winston • Patagonia • Costa • Scientific Anglers • Echo • Nautilus • Hardy • Fisknat

We are all CPR/First Aid Certified, Food Handling Permitted, licensed/insured and several are WFR and SRT Certified.

Global Experience

Our staff boasts experience guiding or fly fishing in over 45 countries. Collectively we pool this experience, raising our collective base of knowledge enabling us to discuss, teach and guide you from nearly any perspective. Our experiences translate into you gleaning more from us about this sport, enabling you to take your new found skills and apply on your home water.  Our Seattle fly fishing guide staff is here to help you succeed as a fly angler.

Local Expertise

Our entire staff work the store, guide and teach all our classes and schools. We believe in doing so we provide a more dynamic experience in each endeavor. It is discussing equipment, tactics and approach, flies and skill sets for small creeks, tropical saltwater, tail-water trout and two handed casting for anadromous species.  We guide more types of water in Washington than anyone.  The knowledge demanded to successfully do so means you are in as capable of hands as you will find.

Dave McCoy

Raised in Eugene, Oregon, my stomping grounds were of legendary namesake; the Deschutes, McKenzie and North Umpqua Rivers among others. I quickly discovered the thrill of having a fish on but was always in awe of my surroundings. My early exposure to water in all forms led me away from fly fishing to pursue a career as a ski race coach but was always mindful of what fly fishing brought to my life and relentlessly pursue exceeding expectations.

Patagonia | T&T | Costa | S\A | Nautilus | AMFF | Indifly | FFI

Matt Dahl

Growing up in Minnesota, I was raised with a fishing rod in hand along with my brother we spent time fishing from Ontario to the Florida Keys. After high school I joined the Army and was relocated to Ft. Lewis now JBLM before being deployed to the outskirts of Kandahar, Afghanistan. Through my service I received the Purple Heart and a number of other medals and was finally redeployed to South Korea where all my free time was spent chasing carp in the city and trout in the mountains on the border between the North and the South. I returned to volunteer on the board of directors for Soul River for 5 years. This is where my affinity for guiding and teaching really founds it hold on me.

Hardy | FFI | Corn Dog Connoisseur 

Will Mahoney

Originally from New Jersey, I have spent a lot of time all over the United States and even out of the country chasing fish with a fly rod and teaching people about the environment.  With a background in environmental education and a lifelong love of the outdoors, fly fishing has become a natural extension of these two passions for me.  When I'm not on the water fishing you can either find me birding or exploring the other awesome outdoor opportunities the PNW has to offer.


Matt DeLorme

Born in Maine, and bounced back and forth between Washington and Maine since I was three. I am a bit of a jack of all trades. Professional photographer (7 years with Trek Bicycle), artist, foodie, and music lover as well as all things fish. I have a soft spot for Brookies (Mainer). I see fly fishing as a spiritual experience - the immersion in nature, being connected to the currents, and ever present while the rest of the world slips past.


Amanda Winkelman

I hold a B.A. from University of Washington, am a mother of 5 children and have been devoted to all things steelhead and spey since 2019. Having years of previous experience with color, texture and design work in the field of ink and paper, I am fortunate enough to have been published several times. I have taken this passion and experience and redirected it towards tying traditionally dressed steelhead flies and have begun creating patterns of my own. I love to teach and share my fervor for the sport with other women and people in general.

FFI | Mayfly Project

Mitch Randall

I grew up fly fishing the creeks in and around the Snoqualmie area. My dad put a fly rod in my hands before I was even in school and taught me everything he knew and now I am giving it back to him. While I have wet a line in about 10 states I always find myself drawn back to the saltwater and freshwater here in our backyard of Seattle. I am a student at the University of Oregon of the sport, and always will be. I am always eager to meet others willing to learn as we may learn from each other.

FFI | Duck

Alison Zoltowski


Byron Anderson


Kyle Mumma

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, I have always had a passion for the great outdoors. A fishing rod was always a must pack on any family camping trip or vacation. I fell in love with fly fishing a few years back and now find myself immersed in the sport, from tying flies to taking destination trips. While chasing bucket list fish and exploring new waters, my objective is to leave every fishery better than when I arrived to maintain this extraordinary place I call home.

FFI | Snow/Bike/Fish Expert

Joe Gluck

Moving around a lot as a kid, my first foray into fly fishing took me from suburban New Jersey bluegill ponds to small creeks and lakes in the Swiss Alps, finally landing in Washington.  Even before I began fly
fishing, I've tied flies, with tying being a major driver for my time on the water, experimenting with new materials and patterns, both as a creative outlet and opportunity for problem solving.  Outside of fishing, I'm fortunate to work as an archaeologist and have participated in projects in the Pacific Northwest, the Great Lakes and the Middle East.


Zach Moore

I am a wild fish advocate, fly tier, searun cutthroat bum, animal
enthusiast, and an all around Northwest nature nerd. I was born and raised in the Puget Sound region, where I developed a really deep appreciation for my local surroundings. I spent my early childhood pretty much the same way I do now, stomping through wetlands, chasing salty trout, obsessing over fly patterns, hanging out with my reptiles, and spending arguably too much time outside in the company of animals, wild or not. I knew from an early age that this was how I would spend my existence and meshing my passion for protecting wild life with fly fishing was something that happened so organically that its almost hard to articulate.

Aqua Flies | FFI