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Fly Fish Africa | Tiger Fish - Tarpon - Nile Perch

In the past, trophy tiger fish have been classified as fish above 10 lbs. This bench mark has been shattered with the average fish in this system coming home at just under 8lbs. Here fisherman have a real opportunity of landing tiger fish of over 20lb’s, with shots at multiple trophy fish on a daily basis in fresh water this is almost unheard of. Now combine this fact with the speed, strength, aerial antics and aggressive nature of the tiger fish, and dump it all in two rivers flowing through one of the words last true wilderness areas, home to big game, and then you may begin to get an idea of just how unique the twin fisheries of the Mnyera and Ruhudji Rivers really are.

Tanzania | Tigerfish

The African Waters team of full time guides are pioneers in targeting Tigerfish on the fly, and are widely regarded as industry leaders. Over the past 14 years guiding and managing this fishery we have developed an in depth understanding of the fishery, the tiger fish, their habits, as well as tackle and tactics to successfully target these amazing fish.

Lesotho | Yellowfish

High in the mountain kingdom of Lesotho, sight cast to these fickle beauts and experience the culture of this region. Dry fly fishing, 12-15ft leaders to 7x in windy conditions and subtle takes, these are not an easy target which makes them that much more rewarding. An Indifly supported operation also pioneered by Keith and Rob at African Waters, one of our favorite experiences in all of Africa.

Gabon | Tarpon

A little safari and a little fishing, sounds like fun! Well nothing in Africa is easy and this is no exception. Camp in the jungle at the mouth of a river home to some of the largest Tarpon ever seen as they leave the ocean and head into the estuary...or just the opposite when hooked. African wildlife on the beach behind you and giant tarpon in breaking waves in front. This one tickles all the senses.

Cameroon | Nile Perch

A float/camp adventure beyond your imagination. Take in the scenery and wildlife while testing your skills against the formidable Nile Perch on the Orange River in Cameroon. Pioneered, operated and guided by our friends at African Waters, hands down the most professional and trustworthy industry.