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Brazil & the Amazon Basin | Species Bonanza

This environment offers the first multi-variety Amazon fly fishing destination where an angler can target over ten different species in crystal clear fast waters. The river system runs over a huge granite base, which facilitates wet wading and many sight casting opportunities.

Kendjam Lodge | Kayapó Territory

The Kayapó is one of the most important Indigenous ethnic groups in the Amazon region, despite numbering a mere 8,000 persons. Their cosmology, ritual life and social organization are extremely rich and complex, while their relations with non-Indian society and environmentalists from the world over are marked by their intensity and ambivalence. The Kayapó are a proud people, and historically have fought hard to preserve their territory from outside encroachment.

Xingu Lodge | Payara

Yet another of the outstanding operations by Untamed Angling, Xingu Lodge is home to one of the largest, toothiest, freshwater fish on the planet, the Payara. One of these taken on a popper will alter your outlook on all the fly fishing you do forever forward.