EWA Spey Day | January 28, 2023 | Fall City Bridge | 9am - 3pm
Call 206 | 708 | 7250 --- Email shop@emeraldwateranglers.com

Wahoo!  Or rather Albacore as we are happy to announce we are offering these trips once again. 

Yes! This fish requires at least a very stout 10wt and a knowledgeable angler but a 12wt is better!

Most people in the PNW aren’t aware that these solid muscle torpedo’s reside for several months just off the Oregon coast. It doesn’t require a trip to Mexico to utilize your big saltwater gear, just to southern Oregon. Most of the fish caught are between 15 and 25 pounds with a few slightly smaller and some that are bigger. Either end of the scale, these fish put up a fight that rivals any fish their size in the ocean.

We are headed down to check this trip out again soon but last season, we had several days with 30-40 fish hooked, broken 12-14 wt. rods and several lost lines as well as a ton of great fish landed. Once back from this next check out trip in early August, we will have a lot more info up here as far as pricing, packages and when we will be hosting more trips to this unique fishing opportunity.

We have been hosting trips for albacore tuna for the past 10 years from various points along the PNW coast line and are excited to be working with our current captain.  Come join us for a great time on the beautiful Pacific Ocean putting serious bends in the some big rods! 

We depart port sometime between 6-7am and return later that evening either when tired, we have caught more fish than the boat can hold or the 12 hour day is up.  We look forward to having you join us for this incredible PNW experience. 

Pricing:  Full Day TBD – All equipment included, WA sales tax not included
Season:  July – October
Species:  Pacific Albacore
EWA Cancellation Policy

Additional Information:

Flies:  Deceivers, Clousers,
Clothing/Equipment Lists:  Summer season
Rods and Lines:  12 wt rods with 500-700 grain sink tips
Species: Pacific Albacore Tuna
Duration:  12 hour days
Distance from Seattle:  5 hours