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Fly Fish Chile & Argentina | Atlantic Steelhead - Sea Run Brown - Golden Dorado

¡Vamos a Pescar!
From trout streams of the west to the ever popular Tierra del Fuego in the south and now the emerging popularity of Golden Dorado, Argentina is a hotbed of fly fishing activity. Most of its waters see relatively little to no fishing pressure, which makes for a peaceful day out on the water.

Even if the fishing wasn't world-class (which, of course, it is), the many cultural sites, incredible natural beauty, and delicious cuisine (such as its legendary steak with chimichurri) are reasons enough to visit. Combine that with very friendly locals (most of whom speak English as well as Spanish) and Argentina is a must-see destination.

Rio Santa Cruz - Atlantic Steelhead

• World-class freshwater trout fishing, gigantic sea run brown trout in the otherworldly scenery of Tierra Del Fuego, and golden dorado in the northern marshes — all with few other anglers around

• Wonderful local cuisine

• Very easy for English-speaking travelers

• Absolutely stunning natural beauty and cultural sites

Rio Dorado | Golden Dorado

Las Buitreras Lodge | Sea Run Brown's