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Fly Fishing Mongolia | Taimen

Imagine your favorite stream. You remove every other boat, shop, picnicker, and angler. Let the water flow through smoky mountains haunted by wolves and wild elk. Put in an intimate, comfortable camp with great food and professional guides. Take a few liberties and feed the river with clear spring creeks and make it a hundred miles long. Fill the streams with taimen – the world’s largest salmonid – and lennok and grayling and, for variety, throw in a couple of ponds with perch and pike. You have just imagined Mongolia!

Mongolia reminds most folks of the American West… with a significant distinction. Development does not constrain Mongolia’s countryside. No dams and few paved roads or fences blight the scenery and most locals continue a nomadic, horse-riding lifestyle. This watershed is a beautiful fishery. The streams most famous residents are the Taimen (Hucho Taimen). Having bragging rights as the world’s largest member of the Salmonidae family, the Onon’s Taimen will typically average 100 cm (over three feet) and we regularly encounter monsters that approach 150 cm (nearly five feet).

Mongolia River Outfitters

“We have run Mongolia expeditions for nearly two decades and are proud to have provided exceptional travel adventures for some of the world’s most discerning clients.”
– Mark Johnstad


We provide multi-day rafting adventures and camp-based guided fishing trips in the Mongolian wilderness. From our private camp along the river, we offer discerning clients exclusive access to nearly two-hundred miles of pristine waters including the main-stem of the primary river, two large tributaries, several spring creeks and lakes. The waters flow through broad valleys flanked by larch, pine and birch covered mountains. Local wildlife includes a host of rare birds, wolves, brown bear, moose, elk, musk and roe deer.


Our prime concern is the long-term conservation of this amazing fishery and landscape. We work with and invest in the local community for this purpose.