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Seattle Fly Fishing Report | August 18, 2023 | Mom's Birtday Fish

Seattle Fly Fishing Report | August 18, 2023 | Mom's Birtday Fish

Puget Sound caught Pink Salmon at Lincoln Park.  Photo Dave McCoy

Yep, is it my mom's birthday today so what better day than to talk about fish as she was equally instrumental in what I am today...if you know me, take that for what it is worth. 

There is a lot to talk about here so let's get after it.

Puget Sound - Pink Salmon remain on the local beaches in good numbers.  This is pretty simply, grab a rod, go the Lincoln Park or similar beach with a point jutting into the Sound, strip some line off your reel, tie on a pink fly, cast it into the water, retrieve and repeat.  That said, we have all noticed the attention on Pinks has left most of our SRC beaches quite vacant.  We are here to tell ya, they are still around and willing to play.  So choice is yours but either way get out there.

Yakima River - Hopper season has landed.  Water is still high so for the most part, this is a boat game if you want to see action here.  Otherwise, find your space and work the water with everything from hoppers to streamers, nymphs and caddis in the evenings.  Water should begin to drop to walk and wade friendly levels by mid September so that time is closing in on us.

Snoqualmie Forks and Creeks - We haven't seen rain in weeks and our snow pack went fast so they are LOW and clear.  Mornings should be your focus when the water is coolest and sun is still lower in the sky.  They are generally not going to be picky about the fly but more so about presentation.  Fish are going to be sitting in the faster water as it will be cooler and the water with pour over for oxygen and surface disturbance for cover from predators.  Small to mid size rubber leg Stimulators or caddis and attractors are all great fly choices.  Also, Anne Landfield, one of our guide staff says, "If you aren't swinging soft hackles below you on the water you just fished, you aren't fishing!"  These should fish well into mid October depending on weather so stay tuned but in general, we recommend getting on the water early and off early before water temps get too warm.

Cedar River - This is the home stretch for it as it closes for the year at the end of August so take advantage of it.  We have heard some whispers of night fishing with mice or skating giant bird sized caddis...sounds like fun!  Otherwise, streamers in the deep holes and under log jams or caddis in the evening.

Warmwater - Bass on top, bass underneath and bass all the way around!  Most urban lakes have them and they are hungry.  Poppers, streamers, wooley buggers, Chernobyl Hoppers/Ants, Crayfish and Dragonflies.  The Columbia has been rocking for carp as well.  Rent a kayak on Lake Union and row into the Arboretum, rent a boat on Greenlake or walk the shore line or come get an SUP and let's get you on the water!  We have been guiding and fishing from SUP's for the past couple years and are well versed in what it will take to prepare you for this.  You will love it!

Friday evenings are Fish Tale's Friday here at the store.  Come on by and hang out with fellow anglers, meet some new friends and future fishing buddies.  People usually begin around 3-4pm so come on by.  Here is an article by The Seattle Times about it.

As always, we are your conduit to the sport.  Here to help, bounce ideas off and provide you inspiration for your next time on the water.  Come ask questions so we can steepen your learning curve.

Have a great weekend,

EWA Staff | 206-708-7250

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