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Seattle Fly Fishing Report | July 23, 2020 | Ready, Set, Fish!

Seattle Fly Fishing Report | July 23, 2020 | Ready, Set, Fish!

Well anglers, summer has officially arrived...feels like we have been saying that for sometime now but with all fisheries finally at a place where we are comfortable with anglers of all age and skill level exploring the waters around here, it finally feels real.

Creeks are low and fish are looking up. Parachute Adams, caddis, Stimulators and other attractors like Humpy's, Wulff's and Trude's are all working well so there really shouldn't be too much need to drop anything off the back any longer.

Yak is high for the next 7-9 weeks so look else where for walk and wade options like the Cedar, Puget Sound and the Snoqualmie Forks. If you are headed to the Yak, late evening caddis will be good all summer long along the banks so pick a spot and hunt them down, otherwise streamers and subsurface during the day will also produce fish but please be careful wading/float the river if you are unfamiliar with it.

Puget Sound is fishing OK. Nothing exceptional to write about here. If you are in a boat and can get out in the channels then there are some blackmouth to be had but SRC's have been a bit slow, water is super warm in many areas so please be careful of over playing/handling these fish. Bait is getting larger as they prepare to collide with early arriving migratory Coho/Silver salmon. Flies should be a bit larger in profile but do be careful here. SRC's/Sea Run Cutthroat will try to inhale anything they think they can and fatally wound themselves on too large of hooks. You can hook, fight and land big Coho on size 10 hooks, have done it many times, size 2 or larger not necessary, especially from the beach.

Skykomish and other Puget Sound rivers as well as the Cowlitz are as good as they will get for mid summer steelhead. Have been having a lot of fun dusting off the old longer belly lines like original Skagit and Delta lines as well as some other closet extra long lines in the 60+ foot range. Good reminder of the importance of knowing how to cast well before allowing technology to take over.

Warm water species are on their game right now. Bass, carp, pike and muskie are all in season. If you are unfamiliar with where, when, how, why and what to do in this arena, please come by and let's chat. We are here for you and opening new doors in the sport will make you a better angler on those familiar ones...period! Unfortunately, our 4th annual carp tournament has had to be cancelled though Bill will be at Banks Lake, fishing and otherwise unofficially hosting those who would like to join. Any questions, let us know, happy to get you in touch with Bill.

Have a safe and wonderful rest of summer everyone, call, email, text, stop in with questions and remember, we sell what we as guides on the water use and believe in.

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