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Seattle Fly Fishing Resources

Current River Levels
Yakima River - Ideal for Wading 700-1500cfs/Float 1000-3500cfs - Current Level
Cle Elum River - Ideal for Wading 150-350cfs - Current Level
MF Snoqualmie River - Ideal for Wading 250-800cfs - Current Level
SF Snoqualmie River - Ideal for Wading 50-350cfs - Current Level
Snoqualmie River - Ideal for Wading 300-1500cfs/Float 750-1500cfs - Current Level
Cedar River - Ideal for Wading 150-600cfs - Current Level
Skykomish River - Ideal for Fishing 700-7000cfs - Current Level
Skagit River - Ideal for Fishing 2000-9000cfs - Current Level
Sauk River - Ideal for Fishing 600-3000cfs - Current Level
Hoh River - Ideal for Fishing 1200-3500cfs - Current Level
Queets River - Ideal for Fishing 1500-4000cfs - Current Level
Cowlitz River - Ideal for Fishing 1800-7500cfs - Current Level

Yakima River Water Temps
@ Cle Elum
@ Ellensburg

Yakima River Hatch Chart
Hatch Chart - Basic Entomology

Puget Sound Food Form Chart
"Hatch" Chart

Puget Sound Tide and Wind

Seattle Tide & Wind
Tacoma Tide & Wind
Hoodsport Tide & Wind
Whidbey Island Tide & Wind

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Fishing Reports — Tagged "Carbon Neutral"

Seattle Fly Fishing Report | August 6, 2020 | Warm to Hot!

Seattle Fly Fishing Report | August 6, 2020 | Warm to Hot!

Amazing over the past decade or so how different our entry into summer has been in the area. Read more deeply i... more