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EWA Hosted Travel

Hosted travel...what does that mean? For us here at EWA it means considerably more than simply escorting customers on a fly fishing trip. We look at the world with a critical eye for the finer details of what will make this fishing trip as unique and special as possible.

We join these trips with and for you, to help everyone have a great experience. Additional equipment, casting lessons each evening after fishing, guide communication, documentation and a sense of adventure and humor are always on our plate to serve up as desired from day of booking to the airport on the way home. We are here...

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Soul Fly Lodge | Berry Islands | Bahamas

Soul Fly Lodge | Berry Islands | Bahamas

January 13 - 20, 2024 - $5495/angler - 3 rods open --- Host | Dave McCoy --- Join us at the new, carbon neutral fly f... more