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Billfish Get a Huge Nod From US Govt.

We all like to catch them (why else would you be reading this ??!!) - and the best way to continue the sport and ensure that the remaining stocks proliferate and thrive is to STOP KILLING THEM !! The US Congress made a significant contribution to this position yesterday when the House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed Resolution H.R. 2706 which bans the sale of Pacific caught Billfish in the USA (Atlantic Billfish were banned from sale in 1990). This is significant as the USA remains the largest importer of Billfish in the world, importing over 30,000 fish annually according to the FDA. Commercial fishing has depleted stocks of White Marlin by as much as 90%, Blue Marlin by 65%.............and other Billfish not much although we are late in taking this action it is clearly necessary to once again allow these majestic animals to flourish safely in our oceans. When this bill completes the legislative process and becomes law, it will not only eliminate the largest market for Billfish, it will also enable the US to finally be able to take a legitimate stance in putting pressure on other countries to ban the sale and killing of Billfish. Guatemala is renowned for its huge concentrations of sailfish and is becoming known also for consistent catches of Blue Marlin - ALL BILLFISHING IN GUATEMALA IS CATCH&RELEASE. Show your support for 100% catch&release fishing for billfish by planning your next fishing trip to Guatemala this season. The boats are in the water, the bait is stocked and the crews are ready.
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