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Boat Trailers Suck!

After years of having boats of various kinds, all with trailers, I am proud to say that there isn't a trailer alive that isn't a piece of crap, at least not commercially made ones for our drift boats. As with nearly everything in the world, there is no standard or continuity in engineering that makes servicing them easy without professional help. Leaf springs of different lengths, slightly customized tail light that are NOT waterproof for long, clear down to the wiring where wire colors from trailer to truck junction are different. I have now spent more on my trailer than what it cost me to buy. People say boats are the money pits...

As with nearly all other electrical issues, the more junctions from point A to point B the more room for failure. While parallel parking in the city will be a challenge, I think I am just going to hardwire my boat trailer to my truck and never take is off!

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