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Online Magazines

This is as good as it gets and is the future of our industry. Not only blogging but virtual magazines that encapsulate our industry, speaking to what is current and also paying homage to what it once was and always will be. Creative and provocative photography, articulate and thoughtfully woven threads of our language that when together open minds and intrigue readers -- they move and inspire us. What is unreal is they are free, you just have to sign up for their monthly or quarterly email. When delivered, like this past week when 3 of the best all came nearly at once, you will be whisked away, time will feel captured and still but will past instantaneously. -- 10 and 2 has a wonderfully written piece on our friend Dec Hogan -- This is Fly has Coach Duff - RAW baby - photographed by our other EWA pal and online staffer Blake McHenry -- Catch features friend and killer photographer Aleksandar Vrtaric Here are some of our favorites: Pool 32 Magazine Sleeping in the Dirt Ezine Catch Magazine Blood Knot Magazine Ten and Two Magazine This is Fly Magazine My personal favorite reason for subscribing to these is their undeniable, virtually invisible carbon footprint on our environment, that very same one we love to hike, fish, photograph in. For this reason alone, everyone should be supportive.
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