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EWA Featured Photographer -- Quinton Dowling

It has been a bit busy around here so posts have been down a bit unfortunately. Today, finally getting around to showing off some of the photographic talents of another of our staff, Quinton Dowling. Quinton grew up in Seattle, went to college in Idaho and has guided in Alaska for several years and fished extensively all over the western U.S. Enjoy his take on our world! Read more about him here: Quinton Dowling Classic Alaskan Rainbow, not large but beautiful. Sun rising through marabou, another road trip begins. Float plane on Lake Illiamna. Sara Davison on one of our precious Cascade Mountain streams. Salmon airing it out for the camera, thank you! Deschutes River, Ted McDermott throws the perfect D. An Alaskan caddis, not spoken of much but definitely around. Grizzly staying cool in the water during snack time. Teeth of a chum salmon, CLOSE. Morning mist on a cobweb. Thank you and goodbye!
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