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EWA Summer Fest | May 21, 2022 | Me-Kwa-Mooks Park

EWA Summer Fest | May 21, 2022 | Me-Kwa-Mooks Park
Seattle Fly Fishing Event | EWA Summer Fest 2022

Join our EWA Staff, sales reps from all the companies and and other industry folks for a day casting the latest and greatest rods from Thomas & Thomas, Sage, Winston, Redington, Echo, Hardy, Burkhiermer, Scott and Gloomis.

Lunch will be done by our great friends Gian Lawrence and James Park from The Royal Coachmen. 

This event is free to the public excluding lunch.  Get casting advice, put new lines on your current rod to find a better match for the season and your desired application.

9am - 3pm 

10am - Fly Fishing Puget Sound | Dave McCoy
12pm -
2pm -

Come prepared for the weather!
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