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Film: Lost World of Mr. Hardy

For many here in the PNW, I think this movie will be of considerable interest. Spey angling steelheaders, and others too, adore the craftsmanship and "sounds" that come from our Hardy reels, particularly with fish on! Anglers with an affinity for bamboo, this will also be insightful and for everyone who relishes what fly fishing is today. Many thanks to Hardy for the innovations in rod and reel making, fly tying and culture that has put the excitement of the sport in most of us. A documentary by Andy Heathcote and Heike Bachelier, "the movie explores the history of Fly Fishing through the Hardy Brothers company and other fantastic British fishing tackle craftsmen." It has just finished most or all of its screenings in England and won the Best of the Fest Award for this years films and has received some high accolades from industry professionals in Europe. To see a clip or buy your copy, see the link below. I am looking forward to watching the entire film and likely partaking in a beverage or two from the region as well. Nicely done fine sirs. Click here --> A Truffle Pig Film
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