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Giant Sea Run Cutthroat Landed in Puget Sound

I am only going to say this once even though I continue to say it to myself, HOLY COW!!

This fish was enormous and fought like a champion. Kevney Croucher-Duggan, the fly fishing manager at the Bend, OR Orvis store was already having a banner day in the south Sound when this truck hit. 2 runs into the backing and one aerial display where he was 20-30 yards ahead of where the line entered the water, I was dumbfounded when and that we landed this monster cutt. Many have different opinions on how to fish the Sound effectively for these fish and we are no different. Personally, I use floating lines almost exclusively as they are more versatile in changing conditions than sinking lines. Tip under water while stripping, pointing at the line and varying the retrieve as necessary to attract a strike from visibly feeding or cruising fish. Kevney landed half a dozen fish over 16 inches and a couple over 18 including this one. Far ahead of an average day out here but it does prove that Puget Sound is a world class trout fishery, or can be if given the chance to prove herself. The way this fish fought, I would take it any day over the currently much sought after pink salmon, any day!

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