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Honduras photo essay

For a long time I guided with Steve Brown in Telluride on the San Miguel and Gunnison Rivers. In the past few years he has established a fly fishing operation down there that is just exactly what we would have done ourselves, small, intimate and personable with some great fishing to boot. This past year, we also became good friends with Conrad Gowell who is working towards a spectacular fellowship that would enable him to spend a year in 4 different countries, at least, studying migrating species of fish. Yep, that means he gets to fish for them as well and the entire thing is paid for. At this point he is in the final stages of selection, down to where he is 1 of 4 candidates. Part of his process to get to this point was to spend some time in various parts of the Caribbean doing the same thing and we hooked him up with Steve in Honduras. These are his photos, please enjoy and feel free to ask as many questions as you like. EWA Honduras Photos Here is Steve Brown's site as well: Happy Holidays to everyone.
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