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June Hogs, Dry Fly (Streamers) Music

Nope nope not the Columbia's famous run of king's, but the hardy rainbows in the urban trout wonderland that is the Cedar River, Washington. It seems that every June the Cedar pumps out larger than average bows, particularly if you fish big nasty streamers. It is great there this time of year.........fewer anglers, more fish and gorgeous water. Really gorgeous water. Looks like June is going to last a little longer this year too....... This guy isn't the most unbelievably hoggish of Cedar trout, but he is our most recent acquisition on the swung fly:
Tunes: There are 2 CD's in my car that aren't completely scratched. They are Phosphorescant's Here's To Taking It Easy and Pavement's Wowee Zowee. Below is a sample off each album. I have listened to these 2 discs on repeat for the last week to and from the river and sound. I'm still not tired of them. Man Pavement is the best too. Makes me wish it was still the 90's. Phosphorescent-Mermaid Parade Pavement-Father To A Sister of Thought
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