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New York City, Pebble Mine, and Fishmongers


On a recent visit back east I got a funny feeling from being so far from Northwest steelhead water. Let's just call it "Spey Withdrawal" for now, but you all know what I mean when it's been too long since swinging through your favorite run (we need a better name for it though, I'm open to any suggestions). Anyway, to temporarily relieve the symptoms of Spey Withdrawal I decided to visit a fly shop in of all places on Fifth Avenue in Downtown Manhattan. The Urban Angler is a superb shop with a great staff; I highly recommend it to anyone in the area. Upon exiting the elevator right onto the shop floor, the very first thing I saw was a "Save Bristol Bay" cap. "Red Gold" was all over the shop and the guys working there were well educated with what's going on in southwest Alaska. I went in just to quench my thirst for fly-fishing and I left impressed at the fact that a shop in New York was so involved and knowledgeable with regards to saving Bristol Bay. It's great to see what a widespread effect all of the conservation efforts have on something as important as this. With that said, it amazes me that a few (but certainly not all) of the people right here in Seattle who desperately depend on this resource know very little about the subject. In light of Kevin Davis and Steelhead Diners' campaign to get local restaurants actively participating in conserving the Bristol Bay fishery we thought about trying to get more of the Seattle food community aware and involved. EWA has been visiting local fishmarkets and have had some great responses from places like Seattle Fish Company in West Seattle (now advertising "Bristol Bay Sockeye" and educating their customers about the Pebble Mine) and Wild Salmon in the Fisherman's Terminal. Hopefully we'll have more markets and vendors on board shortly and with their help maybe even the entire Seattle seafood industry doing more and actively participating in the fight for Bristol Bay. Thanks to those who are doing their share and spreading the word.
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