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Off to India for Golden Mahseer

Well, the day I thought would take forever to get here has arrived. I am leaving for India tomorrow for nearly 3 weeks to pursue the Golden Mahseer. This is a specie of carp that can grow upwards of 200+ pounds and live in the rivers off the Himalayas. Our target size will be in the 15-40 pound class as are fly fishing for these fish and many well respected anglers, including Jeff Currier believe this might potentially one of the most challenging fish to land on a fly rod, anywhere. Not only incredibly spooky but very powerful fighters who reside in areas where they can easily find structure to break you off. This is an exploratory trip in that while we are going to a semi common watershed, we are beginning the process of collecting data on these fish for Megafishes Project to hopefully come in and begin to move into Bhutan in the future as well as maybe Thailand. The idea behind collecting such data is to hopefully gather enough credible and concrete information to share with governments and resource management agencies so as to better preserve the habitat these and other fish need to survive. Similar projects have done well, such as what the Taimen Conservation Fund has done in Mongolia and high hopes exist that something similar can take place here. Plenty of reports and photos upon my return. This photo courtesy of Misty Dhillon and Himalayan Outback.
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