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Oprah and Fly Fishing - from Skate the Fly

There is a commonality amongst us EWA and related folk. Sometimes it is hard to find, other times it is getting hit by a truck obvious. The latter is the case as one of my best friends Dylan Rose of Skate the Fly tells it like it is on his blog, here is an excerpt: "If you find yourself blaming the fact that you can’t buy a fish because there’s too many people in your honey hole, you probably just suck. Local fly shops have great, low cost fly fishing classes these days, check one out. I’m sick of the regressive old school fly fishing paradigm that says you have to somehow be initiated into the club before you can drift your Elk Hair Caddis in a sweet riffle. If Oprah spawns a new fly angler, and they grow their addiction to the point where they feel a sickness in the pit of their stomach at the thought of their favorite river, lake or local beach becoming a sludgy toxic waste dump, then more the merrier." Read more here
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