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Steelhead Fishing is Hard...Simply Put!

cowlitz_witwerflybox1a What you do at work when you are bored depends on a myriad of criteria: where you head is, what your passion is, what did or didn't happen last night, what is coming up in the next week or two and so on...the list is long! Well when you pretend everything revolves around a two handed fly rod, your favorite dance is the swing and your partner is always a native fish named Mykiss, this is one possible tangent your mind might travel down on a lack-luster day at work, from Ted McDermott: Hey guys, From this data: Seattle Times Article I did some math. Check out the attached spreadsheet for details and river specific data, but here is the overall analysis: This was fun. Based on Data from 12/1/12 to 1/6/13 on the Major OP Rivers for all fishing styles: Steelhead caught per hour: .0805 Native steeelhead Caught per hour: .0167 Hours spent on each steelhead: 12.42 Hours per Native steelhead: 59.95 Steelhead per fisherman: .3917 Native steelhead per fisherman: .0812 Would love to compare this to other watersheds during the same time (Puget Sound!!??) and also different times of year on the OP and see what we come up with. The analysis doesn't take into account weather, so take the data with a grain of salt. Either way you can use this to casually tell clients that steelhead fishing is hard. Now you have the numbers to prove it." Doubt most the catch were from swinging steelheaders so if that is your zen...these numbers might look really good to you. Either way, steelhead fishing is hard, and we love it!
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