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Alaska | Wild River Guides

Remote Alsaskan fly out, float/camp fly fishing adventures.

6 Anglers Max -
7 Nights | 6 Days Fishing -
June - September -

Wild River Guides has for well over 20 years specialized in remote, fly out adventure fly angling trips on the smaller tributaries to and headwaters of larger river systems in Alaska.

On these float/camp fly fishing trips the participants can double the hours fishing per week compared to lodge guests or on regular day trips. You will watch the vast & lonely landscape scroll past as you journey down river and you will camp in that wilderness landscape among the fish & wildlife. You might consider that lodges & day tours try to get you home to hot showers and cocktail hour at 5:00 pm while our glass of wine and hearty meals are enjoyed stream side in a comfortable tent camp.

Wild River Guides accommodates your particular interests, prior experience, and skills. The service is personal and the camaraderie extraordinary. A lodge is more institutional by definition and depends upon serving many more clients per week in a controlled environment and with a sanctuary from the potential elements.  If you enjoy camping riverside and being in those elements, this is the trip for you.
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