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Lesotho | Yellowfish

6 Anglers Max -
3 to 7 Night Packages Available -
November - March -

In 2011 Keith and Rob made it their goal to explore Lesotho’s waterways looking for a world-class Yellowfish destination, which they knew had to exist. In 2012, after numerous exploratory trips, hours spent on Google Earth, some intense white knuckle 4×4 trips and epic mountain treks, this goal was achieved!

We are pleased to be able to offer a Yellowfish experience like no other. This is dry fly and sight fishing of the highest quality. Yellowfishing as it was millennia ago. With the Makhangoa Community Camp on the Bokong River as the base for the trip, anglers have access to over 20km of the finest Yellowfishing waters available in Southern Africa.

Apart from the amazing sight fishing to Yellowfish, guests are treated to the rare opportunity of being able to target both rainbow and brown trout in the same system. In addition to the sublime fly fishing, anglers get to experience the culture and natural beauty of the Lesotho Mountains and her people.

For us here at EWA this trip represents all we love in an international destination...technical sight casting to spooky fish that fight hard, complete immersion in the community, wonderful local and South African guides and the solitude of the Lesotho Mountains with comfortable and unique lodging.  It is a home run in our eyes.

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