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Recommended Equipment | Tropical

Emerald Water Anglers Tropical Fly Fishing Recommended Equipment List
What is on this list is a comprehensive look at what one should consider when traveling on a tropical fly-fishing trip. This is not intended to be a complete list but rather a base to run through to ensure you bring what you personally require for such trips in various locations.

Please review this list and feel free to inquire with additional questions regarding what is or may not be listed.


1-2 pairs of SPF "Quick Dry" pants
1 pair of non marking, hard rubber soled wading boots/sandals
Neoprene wading socks (optional)
Wading Belt
1 lightweight rain jacket
1 lightweight fleece jacket
2 pairs of sun gloves
1-2 sun buffs
1-2 pairs polarized sunglasses with retaining strap
Personal dry bag

Core Fishing Equipment

Two 7-9wt fly rods/reels for bonefish, snook, permit, jacks
Two 10-12wt fly rods/reels for permit, tarpon, triggerfish, GT, roosterfish
Two 13-16wt fly rods/reels for sailfish, marlin, tuna
Fly lines for delicate, shallow water presentations to bonefish, permit
Multiple, aggressive tapered fly lines for distance, wind and large flies for GT
Extra fly lines in all categories
9-10ft leaders in 10, 12, 16 and 20lb test
Spools of tippet to match leaders
Spools of hard mono or flouro in 40, 60, 80, 100, 150

Fishing Accessories

Saltwater pliers
Fly line maintenance kit
2 two-way radios
Leatherman or similar tool
Hook sharpener
Reel lubricant and repair kit
Super glue
Fly line repair kit
Stripping basket
Black/red sharpie pen
Camelback water carrier or water bottle

Personal Clothing

2-3 long sleeve “Quick Dry” type shirt with current sun protection – NO COTTON
“Quick Dry” type pants, NO COTTON
2-3 pairs smart wool or similar socks - NO COTTON
Sun gloves/Stripping glove
Bandana/Sun Buff
Post trip clothing
Light waterproof hat
Lightweight waterproof rain jacket and pants
Personal clothing for after trip

Travel Supplies

Mobile/Satelite phone
Phone charging cord/USB cable
Small waterproof case/zip lock bag
Electricity voltage converter
Camera/extra memory cards
Extra batteries/rechargeable with charger
Digital watch with alarm


Eye drops
Claritin or other allergy medications
Gold Bond/Baby powder
List of allergies/medications/medical conditions
Personal items, toiletry bag, toothbrush, contact solution, razor
Additional contact lenses


Duct tape/Athletic tape
Stripping basket
Photocopy of passport
Emergency contact list
Water purification tablets/steri-pen



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