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Seattle Fly Fishing Report | April 25, 2024 | Where This Weekend?

Seattle Fly Fishing Report | April 25, 2024 | Where This Weekend?

Well, that is always a good question but as we sneak closer to summer, it becomes more complex.  Where do you want to fish and is it open yet?  How far do you want to drive?  How much time do you have?  What equipment do you have and do you want to hike, drive or bike?

Within 2 hours of Seattle the diversity of options can be overwhelming and to be honest, we want to help you explore them all.  It might mean you are a bit under equipped for some, over for others but whichever the case, if it is within reason, let's get you out there. 

Steelhead - Sort of in between seasons but if you are like us and just simply do not want to put the spey rod down, there are some options.  Cowlitz and Kalama Rivers remain open to pursue late arriving winter and soon to be early arriving summer fish.  Flows are in great shape on both so for those who just want to spey cast their way through a day, there you be.
EWA Steelhead Fly Selection

Yakima River - For the spring, this is sort of the sweet spot, usually.  A tad more consistent weather allows for hatches to be the same, more consistent.  Still seeing March Browns out there as well as Salmonflies?  Side note, if we are truly seeing salmon flies on the Yakima, that should be a serious warning sign as they are a late May through early July elsewhere in the U.S., even on the Deschutes.  At any rate, have some big stimulator flies or literal Pteronarcys flies on hand which are great for dropping smaller nymphs behind such as Hare's Ears, Lightnight Bugs, Prince nymphs and Pheasant Tails.  PMD's should be showing themselves as well and Caddis are just around the corner.  Flows are about on par for this time of year, hovering between 1500-2000cfs so wading is possible in places but perfect for floating.  For those with a slower pace in mind, this time of year when several different bugs are hatching at the same time, swinging flies on the trout spey is maybe our favorite way to cover the water.  Soft hackles and small streamers will absolutely bring a solid tug in buckets and tailouts and if you are really daring...riffle hitch a big stimulator and skate that across and see what happens.  Once you experience that, we have a Dean River trip for you this summer for a similar experience with much larger fish!
EWA Yakima Fly Selection

Puget Sound - Bait is scattered across the Sound and the SRC's are as well.  No longer completely concentrated at the mouths of creeks where salmon fry are entering the Sound so searching is going to be vital to find them, particularly on foot.  We have been having success both on top with our Sound Searcher as well as subsurface with mid sized baitfish, 2 inches in length or so with parr marking and olive or natural backs to them.  Don't have flies with parr markings on them, bring a sharpie with you and make them yourself if you see bait and feel it might help your fly better represent what you see.
EWA Puget Sound Fly Selection

Lakes - Lakes are warming up so expect to see our favorite warmwater species begin to be a bit more active and friendly to the fly.  Carp, bass, muskie and crappie are in sooooo many of the lakes and sloughs around Seattle.  If you answered the above questions with, "I don't have a lot of time and don't want to drive far.", then you need to be checking these places out.  Easiest and most obvious are Green Lake, Lake Washington, Lake Ballinger and Lake Samammish and the Slough.  We have plenty of nearby fishing options available just have to open your mind a bit from the main airwaves out there.  If you are wanting to put a bend in your rod, these species do not disappoint.  A good carp with show you your backing for reel, even tow you around a bit if in a small boat or on a SUP.  We have a good selection of flies for all of these so come check them out and ask the questions that will get you out there.
EWA Warmwater Fly Selection

Ok, there we go.  We are in the store, come plan your weekend with us and let's help you have a great one out there.  Reach out to us:

IG | @ewaflyshop_seattle
Phone | 206-708-7250
Email | shop@emeraldwateranglers.com
Store | West Seattle

See you all soon,

EWA Staff

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