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Seattle Fly Fishing Report | April 28, 2023 | The Sun is Alive!

Seattle Fly Fishing Report | April 28, 2023 | The Sun is Alive!
A sea run cutthroat from Puget Sound.

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Yes, most of us here in the PNW were given a rare opportunity to see the sun and realized it is indeed still alive!  With temps getting upwards of 70 around here, this would be a pretty good opportunity to begin your seasonal forays into the water.  Here is what we would suggest...

Yakima River - Unfortunately the Yak is resembling what it should for this time of year, bumping above 4200cfs so unless you have a boat, this is not likely a great option for this weekend.  As it begins to settle and temps remain warm, we are headed rapidly towards caddis season but until them keep March Browns and PMD's handy for topwater.

Puget Sound - You may have heard us talk about this fishery before.  It is on weekends exactly like this we want everyone to learn to be comfortable on the Sound so you can get out even when other well used fisheries are not optimal.  Chum fry are literally everywhere and cutts are looking for them.  Topwater is some of our personal favorite ways to chase these fish with our Sound Searcher being a perfect imitation of an injured baitfish.  We just got a few of the renowned book, Walks & Hikes on the Beaches Around Puget Sound which divulges some killer places to get on the water so come pick one up.  While here, be sure to grab a few of Zach Moore's Keta Candy fly, maybe the single greatest Chum fry imitation out there.

Eastern Lakes - As the air on the east side of the state warms so does the water at some of the great trout lakes such as Quail, Lenice and Nunnally.  Leaches, chironomids, damsel nymphs and Calibaetis for the top should do just fine, especially in the evenings.

Steelhead - Most of the state is headed towards the seasonal closure but the Cowlitz remains open and does tend to have a few late arriving winter fish coming in.  The Cow is in fabulous shape at the moment and at 4200cfs has a ton of great swing water for those unwilling to put down the spey rod yet.  Get down there.

Snoqualmie Forks - With the sun comes snow melt, it is just how nature works.  Being freestone streams the Forks are up pretty good so not a great option at the moment and most other streams are closed until June 1st still as is the Cedar so...check out the Sound!

As always, we don't hold cards close to our chest, we want to see you have fun and be successful out there so call, email, text, facetime or even stop in so we can point you in the direction.
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