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Seattle Fly Fishing Report | August 19, 2020 | Ahhh-gust

Seattle Fly Fishing Report | August 19, 2020 | Ahhh-gust

Every year we enter summer looking forward to the days when weather is predictable, water levels are down and approachable and fish are looking up! Now that we are here we can't wait for water and air temps to drop like a winter sun and fall freshets to perk up our finned friends.

So that said, the Yakima River is HIGH, hovering around 4000cfs and the wind has been howling on some days but the hoppers are out and about for a bit more time until we get our first couple of cold nights. So take advantage of it or wait for a few weeks until the flows drop and walk and wading is a bit easier/safer and fall hatches begin. Either way, get out there because summer is almost gone!

We went from many creeks being high and cold to now all of them are super lower, clear and often quite warm. Fish have navigated their way to either very deep holes, log jams or are sitting in faster moving semi deep water where oxygen is more plentiful, cover is there and water temps are a couple degrees cooler. This means slightly altered approach to your favorite small stream both in fly selection and presentation. Bigger dries look more enticing and will more easily suspend small droppers but matching sparse hatches will become more necessary as the fish become more selective in these low, clear water situations. Yes, even on the small streams!

Puget Sound as been kicking out some migratory Coho up north and for those with boats, Blackmouth have been around in good numbers as well. Most of the baitfish have gained considerable size including Herring and Sand Lance so larger profile flies for the salmon will often do the trick with an ever so slightly slower, more deliberate retrieve. Not a bad time to employ an intermediate line as well and that will require a stripping basket. Cutts are out there too but likely most other fisheries, early has proven better than mid day in most cases.

Pacific Albacore are WAY off the coast still, making jaunts to chase these longer than most are capable of in a day. With any luck ocean currents will bring these beasts closer to shore here sooner then later.

Summer steelhead have been few and far between but the Lewis, Kalama and Cowlitz have definitely had some numbers around and the broken record here is...water is low and clear! Longer leaders and small flies aren't a bad idea and if on water super early, super late or anytime for that matter, go for skating one up. Guarantee this will change your life should you raise one to your fly.

Cedar River closes here in less than two weeks so get out and hit it now before we say good bye till next year. Water is low so gain your access and then hike up or down stream to get away from people and find fish that have been pressured a bit less. Water is warm so be kind, keep fish in the water if caught and fish early as possible.

Enjoy everyone and remember, we are here to assist in that enjoyment any way we can so don't be afraid to ask.

EWA Staff

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