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Seattle Fly Fishing Report | October 4, 2020 | Fall Options

Seattle Fly Fishing Report | October 4, 2020 | Fall Options

Sorry for the delay in getting a report up lately but we have been slammed busy and staff has been traveling so we fell a bit behind. That being said, here we go latest report coming at you right now!

Cascade Mountain creeks, blue lines or mountain streams, whatever you want to label them as are still fishing well though water temps have certainly dropped and put a pretty good hold on hatches. We don't usually nymph these waters but you could. Otherwise we recommend a casual start time, allow the sun to peak out and warm the stream just a bit and continue to toss Caddis, BWO's or October Caddis. Dropping a Lightning Bug off the back wouldn't hurt at all either but bottom line is, most of them close at the end of the month so get on it here fast.

Yakima and Cle Elum Rivers are in their typical fall fashion with leaves changing, bugs hatching and fish rising. This IS the month to fish the Yakima in our opinion so drop in the store and pick up the essentials for whatever approach you are going to make over there. Trout spey right now is a fantastic idea for swinging soft hackles, small streamers or, our favorite, skating big caddis patterns. Water is low for the season so wade anglers are back to having plenty of access as well. Same as creeks, October Caddis imitations, BWO's/Blue Winged Olives and maybe some caddis on a warm evening but they are mostly gone now. Streamers are always a good bet too...

Puget Sound is still a bit littered with kelp but they water is cooling and the sun is lower in the sky so we are back to fishing moving water both in coming and out going tides at favorite beaches all up and down the Sound. Shrimp down south baitfish up north and surface flies like the Sound Searcher, Cutty Buddy, Surface Spider or Muddler variation will be welcomed with voracious takes so pick your tool and put it to use. Migratory Coho/Silvers still arriving here and there so keep an eye out for them as well, they should be happy to take a swing at whatever fly you might have on for cutthroat so be prepared. We fish 7-8 foot leaders to 2x most of the time, give or take a foot and an "x" rating. This turns flies over a bit better in the wind and has you ready for hard strikes so as to not leave flies in fish...too often anyway.

Summer steelhead are few and far between but there have been good numbers on the Bogachiel and other OP rivers lately. Puget Sound rivers water is all low and clear but cool so those fish that are around are apt to be very excited to follow whatever you swing across their face. Klickitat has been pumping out some fish lately too so that is an option in the opposite direction and of course the Grande Ronde is one of the most beautiful rivers in our region to chase steelhead on and if you are that place in your steelhead evolution where "how" you take one is more important to you than actually catching one, they by all means, Scandi up and skate away!

Bottom line, fall is absolutely fantastic around here, please let us help you find your Shangri La...we are always here to answer whatever question you may have and with a staff of guides, we aren't just talking about it, we are doing it!

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