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Seattle Fly Fishing Report | December 12, 2022 | Holiday Season Tides

Seattle Fly Fishing Report | December 12, 2022 | Holiday Season Tides
Fly fishing Puget Sound with Emerald Water Anglers in Seattle.

Woohoo, it is that time of year and the fish must know it somehow.  As the gift giving season approaches, consider giving a trip or school with us to your favorite fly angler.  We'd love it, they would love it...everyone wins!

Lot's to talk about around here as many will have family and friends visit so let's give them some ideas on where to go while in town, or keep the info to yourself and take advantage of some time off.

Yakima River - As long as the pass is open, water is at the perfect level for walk and wading, nearly the entire river will be available to you as long as the snow getting to it isn't too deep.  Be careful if it is.  Streamers are always a favorite of ours this time of year whether on the single hand or the spey and if two handing, go small with soft hackles in the slow water on the edge of the current or in slow moving tailouts.  Midge and BWO otherwise here for a bit and our suggestion, cover water with a meticulous eye rather than ripping through runs fast.  Go through with first fly and method choice first, then change and go again with second choice.  The fish are there it is just figuring it out.  You will learn more in the process.

Puget Sound - Pretty high tides this past week and they will sort of continue but mostly in our favor with the bottom being early in the AM and rising almost all day to the sun disappearing so get and out fish it!  Fish have been almost everywhere and feeding indiscriminately on top and subsurface.  These higher tides require knowing where to fish at the top and of course taking into consideration the wind. Both tide and wind charts are available on our reports page right when you click on.  If you have questions on any of this, LET US KNOW!

Spey - Wanting to get your spey on?  Perfect...a host of rivers are open and awaiting you.  Skagit and Sauk as well as the Sky and Snoqualmie here in Puget Sound.  Cowlitz, Kalama and Lewis down south and there have been some of those hatchery brats showing up on the OP as well.  It has been all over the place lately weather wise so check flows and forecast before hitting the road. 

Snoqualmie Forks - Not exactly the ideal time to be on these but they are close to home here in Seattle area and will make for great practice on short notice or with limited time to get out.  Trout spey practice is great here too and setting up your nymph rigs is always good to work on and again, the fish are there it is just getting a fly in front of them.

Greenlake - Chubby hatch is on...

Questions?  Call...message...stop us.  We are your Encyclopedia Britannica.  Happy Holidays everyone, see you soon.

EWA Staff
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