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Seattle Fly Fishing Report | December 7, 2022 | Winter is Here!

Seattle Fly Fishing Report | December 7, 2022 | Winter is Here!
Sea run cutthroat from Puget Sound near Seattle.
It has been awhile since we have seen snow in Seattle area in early December so that was a festive and at least to us a welcome occurrence for a number of reasons.  Partly because early snow, should it stick around will prove to make for a better summer fishery around here as well as keep wild fires at bay for more of the summer season.

Anyway, fishing as we always say is a 12 month a year endeavor in this area and this past week, during the snow, proved it. 

Puget Sound - The Sound was wide open as far as places to fish while it was snowing.  You can actually fish with snow around, just wanted to put that out there in case there was any doubt in people's minds.  Tides at the moment are great for early AM fishing moving in fast to a very high tide so know where you want to be towards the end of the day.  In other words at a beach that can accommodate you at high tide.  We took 6-7 fish on the Sound Searcher as well as a couple more on another EWA custom pattern by Mitch Randall called the Sound Slugger.  Come on in and check that one out, good option to add to your library of flies out there.

Yakima River - Flows are low as expected so walk and wade is great but there is a considerable amount of snow on the upper river.  Be careful walking around on the rocks in these conditions.  Midge have been around on top here and there on calm days and of course going down under with small BWO nymph imitations on their own are behind a larger stonefly pattern will certainly find the hungry fish.  Cover less water with more thoughtful presentations this time of year as the fish are held up together in what should be obvious runs and tail outs of riffles.

Steelhead - Decisions have been made on the upcoming Olympic Peninsula steelhead season.  That being said, we would expect the managers to pay close attention to returning numbers and emergency close rivers accordingly again.  Until that time, break out the spey rods and get on the water.  Even some of the Puget Sound rivers are open with some fish in them as well.  Please treat these encounters with care.  Land fish in deep water, keep fish in the water, land them FAST and bid them adieu after a quick snap. 

Quick reminder, we have our EWA Spey Day on January 28, 2023 under the bridge in Fall City on the Snoqualmie River.  Fantastic way to come play with rods from 14 different manufacturers with different heads and get free pointers on your casting.  Event is free, food by Gian Lawrence so bring your wallet!

Holiday Season is upon us.  Check our site for great gifts for friends and family and don't hesitate to ask questions.  We gladly gift you our knowledge at any time.
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