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Seattle Fly Fishing Report | February 10, 2024 | Crickets

Seattle Fly Fishing Report | February 10, 2024 |  Crickets

It has been beautiful out there so our only explanation for the lack of customers this week is you are ALL out fishing!  Options abound, pretty simple for the most part so going to keep this one short...very short.

Steelhead - Cowlitz 8000 cfs, pretty high for many of the runs, doable but better know the river.  There are fish in here though...Skagit 3000 cfs, summer flow level, water super clear, longer leaders, smaller flies, same on the Sauk.  OP rivers, low, clear and the Hoh in particular has been pumping out some fish...get after it!

Yakima - She is sitting at this moment at 1740 cfs so just about perfect for fishing this time of year.  Lots of midge around, BWO's as well so have your small flies, you 5x and 6x tippet and soft rod.  Streamer and nymphs, yes of course, if you must!

Sound - Been a tough week but we can only think this is because the SRC's are saving themselves for the arrival of Chum fry here in a couple weeks.  When it happens it will go off so sniff out your new beaches down south, have small baitfish patterns ready and keep hitting it.

That is it, its already late on Saturday, sorry we didn't get this out yesterday, had a few things on our plate.  As always, call us, email us, text us, facetime us, come in and see us if you dare...however you choose, ask those questions, we are here to help.

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