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Seattle Fly Fishing Report | February 29, 2024 | No Brown Trout in Puget Sound

Seattle Fly Fishing Report | February 29, 2024 | No Brown Trout in Puget Sound

What a beaut of a Sea Run Cutthroat...

Photo Will Mahoney...

Here we are on the cusp of March and things are so hot out there right now, we sincerely hope you have been out chasing chrome north, south or west of us or chasing cutthroat in the salt because they are all fishing very well right now. 

Steelhead - It is crowded without question on weekends so it may not be a bad idea to take a vacation day and head out mid week.  Chrome in all directions at the moment and with March upon us, only for a short period longer so get on it!  Our favorite flies are the Zyntruder by Zach Moore and Ultra Squid.  Don't need much more other than to be standing in the water swinging. 

Puget Sound - Chum fry are trickling into the saltwater as we speak but the SRC's aren't waiting for the big pulse of them, they are crushing them NOW!  Not sure if you are into V-wakes coming at your fly from 10-15 feet away or not...we are and it really only takes one time to understand why.  Chum fry are going to be pretty small, about an inch to inch and a half right now and fairly opaque so smaller flies, light parr markings and a quick retrieve should do it.  Keep your eyes open for pushes, bait jumping and other signs of where you fly needs to be.  If you have struggled out here we get it but there is no better way to get over that hump than to take a school specifically on Puget Sound or book a trip.  We want you to succeed so we divulge as much info as we can to help you learn.

Yakima - Cold weather is going to keep hatches sporadic so keep your eye open for some stable weather and then some Skwala's will show, BWO's for sure and though they are called March Brown's, would expect to see them in earnest until April.  Streamers will move fish right now and flows are at the moment good for some walk and wading in the canyon and swinging soft hackles and smaller leaches.

Spring may not feel like it is here but it is, let's figure out what your goals are for this year and help you achieve them. 

Call, email, text, facetime, DM or even stop in, we are in the business of helping you become a better angler...period!

EWA Staff

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