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Seattle Fly Fishing Report | February 27, 2023 | Spring Cometh?

Seattle Fly Fishing Report | February 27, 2023 | Spring Cometh?
South Island of New Zealand brown trout in the typical clear as air water.

Fresh back from 2 weeks in New Zealand, thought we would share a little eye candy with you and a bit of a shock to return to this PNW weather.  Typically as we near March, most of us are looking forward to spring fishing conditions but this week has been more winter than spring.  Well, outside of slush rolling down the Yak, most of the open fisheries in the region have been in good shape.

Puget Sound - Chum fry are beginning to show themselves which means this is THE place to be laying a line down in the area.  Small flies with some sort of parr markings or small surface flies.  Chum Baby is a standard and Moore's Chum Fry is a fav among the EWA Staff as is Moore's Euphasid and always the Sound Searcher.  If you are new to this fishery, don't worry about over gearing yourself.  If you have a 5wt and a floating line, you are ready to get out there.  Once you get your feet wet a bit, then we can talk about possibly getting a more Sound specific rod and reel or just reel and line to fish it more easily. 

Steelhead - Been low and clear almost everywhere and while a few fish are being found it hasn't exactly been a banner year of catching...not a surprise.  Still haven't heard whether the Skagit and Sauk will be open or not in March so look at the Cowlitz, southern BC or some Oregon Coast rivers for locations to get your spey on! 

Yakima River - We should be seeing Skwala's and BWO's in mass at the moment and we believe we will as soon as we get some warm weather to raise the water temps.  In the meantime, swing soft hackles on your trout spey or fish the big/small two fly combo nymph rig of a stone and a lightning bug.  Water is low so plenty of access for afoot anglers just pay attention to the pass before heading out for the day.

Questions?  CALL US!  We are here to help you figure all of this water out so you can have more fun out there.


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