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Seattle Fly Fishing Report | January 25, 2022 | Sun Rises

Seattle Fly Fishing Report | January 25, 2022 | Sun Rises
Well folks, our apologies for the inconsistency in reporting on our local watersheds, we have just been too busy trying to stay in business without a bridge to connect us to many of you.  So without further adieu, we will do our best to commence more reports with better frequency!

Wild Steelhead - So if you haven't heard, numbers are down all over the state of WA for wild fish so restrictions have been handed down for good reason.  Skagit and Sauk Rivers are closed for the season as are the Skykomish and Stillaguamish Rivers.  Olympic Peninsula is closed already for the moment south of the Hoh and for the most part you are only allowed to fish from the bank except below 101 on the Bogachiel River.  Otherwise Queets, Quinault, Satsop, Grays Harbor and Chehalis are all closed.  Snoqualmie River has had some nice fish return lately from the latest reintroduction of hatchery fish but again you have until the 31st to get after it.

Puget Sound - This is Seattle's year around fishery and thank goodness because it produces wild sea run cutthroat all year, the trick is finding them!  Many of our staff fish the Sound with a surface fly we created called the Sound Searcher which imitates an injured baitfish.  Otherwise we also fish with a myriad of baitfish patterns, mostly unweighted that represent the various baitfish we see throughout the year.  These include small perch, herring, sand lance, salmon fry and others.  We have some very unique, custom patterns several of our staff have developed over the past few years to represent these so come in and check them out. 

Yakima River - The Yak is our other year round fishery for the region but can be considerably more challenging to reach this time of year depending on snow on the pass.  As we move into February here shortly, on the right days with some sun and warmth we would encourage keeping an eye out for early blue winged olives (BWO's) and if not then certainly fishing their nymph form below a large dry or behind a larger stonefly nymph in prep for the Skwala's arrival.  Otherwise we highly recommend utilizing a trout spey and either swinging streamers or little soft hackles to represent the BWO's.  This is a good time of year to walk and wade as flows are generally quite low, see the flow chart and recommendations on our reports page to know if you are good to go or not on foot. 

Snoqualmie Forks and Creeks - While the Forks of the Sno are open, they are not generally too productive this time of year.  Again the flows are our reports page show what we recommend as far as flow levels for safety and fishable water.  Please keep in mind they are recommendations and are flexible with skill and comfort with water flows to each person.  Use the same flies and methods here as we recommend on the Yak, they mostly mirror each other on timing for hatches and such.

Warm Water - Well, hopefully it is somewhat obvious the warm water species are off the table until we are back into summer like weather.  Bass and carp in the larger lakes usually come to life sometime in April or May so get yourself ready for that and come check out some of our custom bass flies too.

As mentioned, we will keep these coming more frequently, Happy New Year everyone and stay safe!
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