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Seattle Fly Fishing Report – November 11, 2020 – Getting Cold Out There!

Seattle Fly Fishing Report – November 11, 2020 – Getting Cold Out There!
Time is doing this weird thing where it feels as though it is standing still and yet passing by so fast…don’t know, just hard to explain. Seems like we were just talking about great fall fishing was and while leaves remain on many trees, snow is happening on our lower passes.

Anyway, here we are and while we have said good by to most of our creeks for the season, our main stay fisheries are in great shape and fishing very well.

Puget Sound is in prime shape right now. Resident Coho and Blackmouth lurking around amid SRC’s and not too astonishing, we have been bringing them to hand on a number of patterns from shrimp and baitfish to surface flies so pick your poison.

Lately, our very own Capt. Jeff Crosetto has been fishing these two lines from the boat and doing very well with the Rio Clean Sweep and the SA Sonar Titan Full Intermediate lines. The RIO, specifically a great boat line the SA would do great from the beach as well. If you want to be effective on the Sound you must be versatile so having a second spool/reel with a different tool is ideal.

You read that right, we are now booking Puget Sound trips from a very well equipped Boston Whaler. $400 1/2 day, $500 3/4 day and $600 full day leaving from Des Moines Marina.

The Yakima has been a bit of a roller coaster as we did get some rain recently pushing it up just a bit but it is dropping back into shape for those on foot and a perfect level for those in a boat. Hatches are few and far between but that shouldn’t keep you from heading out. With low water, dry droppers will work well across shallow water from the boat or in the riffles and streamers will absolutely move fish.

Otherwise it is bobber time OR…OR time to pick up a trout spey and begin to look at the Yakima as a fantastic swing river for trout. Should you choose that road, smaller streamers and soft hackles are your new best friends and the luxury of more thoroughly covering less water will be bestowed upon you. Keep in mind, clicking the link under our “Reports” icon on our site provides a direct link to water flows set against the flows we like to see most of our fisheries at to help you gauge when and when not to hit which watershed.

Finally, steelhead season is not just sneaking up on us, it is literally here! We are as excited as ever both for engaging with our favorite fish of the PNW and helping you get on the water and navigate the ways of steelhead in the region.

We swing for our steelhead exclusively as guides and anglers. This is simply because of our passion for the process and what comes with it. Want to learn to spey cast, swing flies and become a far superior fly angler in the process? That is exactly what we do…call, email or stop in!
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